Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework In 2018?


It would be an arduous task for your organization to meet the ever-growing demands of the web development market, if your web development team do not have the right kind of expertise for developing some of the best-in-class web applications or web apps.

The choice of a PHP framework for developing the web applications is often a difficult task in hand as there are too many options available in the web development landscape. Out of all these PHP frameworks available in the market, Laravel framework has emerged as the best in 2018 and Laravel development companies are on boom.

Laravel has 38,132 stars on GitHub. The reasons for this is that it is an open-source, web-based PHP application framework – that has elegant and expressive syntax. This is how the developers can build accessible, enchanting and user-friendly web applications.

As a web development company, you can establish your web presence, by constantly staying updated on the latest trends in the web development world, that helps to deliver the best results for the clients. Laravel developers make use of the various native Laravel functions to provide cutting edge solutions through the various web applications.

An organization will always prefer to use Laravel on testing other PHP frameworks, if they need additional capabilities and features. In this post, we will cover some of the reasons for which Laravel is considered as the best PHP framework in 2018.

The Reasons for which Laravel is Considered as the best PHP framework in 2018

Let us unravel some of the facts as to why your organization will adopt Laravel as the best PHP framework in 2018. The reasons are:


The developers usually interact with the Laravel framework with the help of a command line – that is useful for creating the project environment with Laravel. There is a built-in tool in Laravel for the command line called Artisan.

The developers always avoid performing manually some of the most tedious programming tasks. The majority of these repetitive programming tasks is performed through Artisan.

MVC Support

Laravel is poised as a favourite among the various organizations as it offers MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture similar to Symphony that differentiates between presentation and logic. MVC is accompanied with a host of in-built functionalities and has excellent documentatton as well as improves performance.

Authorization Technique

Authorization Technique is simplified with the help of Laravel. In addition to this, Laravel offers a simple way to control access to resources as well as organize authorization logic. It offers to configure everything extraordinarily.


While developing any application, security is the top most priority in the minds of the developers. The salted and hashed passwords in Laravel serve this purpose – not to be saved as plain text in a database.

Moreover, the password is represented in an encrypted form, using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. Moreover, Laravel offers a simple way to escape user input – avoiding user injection tag. It also prepares SQL statements for injection attacks.

Object-oriented Techniques

This is probably the topmost reason for which Laravel is considered as the best PHP framework in 2018. It has pre-installed and object-oriented libraries. This is not to be found in any other PHP frameworks.

Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries. Some of the most advanced features are password reset, checking active users, Bcrypt hashing and CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection.

Laravel also provides with the benefits of helper and facades function. The Helper functions perform some of the common tasks of generating views, firing events, sending HTTP response to the server and dispatching jobs.

On the hand other hand the facades come with memorable, terse syntax which uses various features of Laravel without any need to remember long class names.


Migration is the code representation of the database schema.There is no need to explain methods or sharing SQL dumps, in the event of the advent of a new developer in the development team of Laravel. This ensures database consistency across the entire team.

Database must be kept in sync between development machines and this becomes a pain point for the developers. The changes made to the database at the end of a long day, can be migrated to any other development machine with the help of mtgrations.


This is one of the features that provides great help to the Laravel developers. It paginates data from the database with automatic pagination. It is used to build API and web services.


You tend to deliver more when you learn more. There is a tutorial (free or paid)  developed by Jeffrey Way, a deft instructor – which helps the novice programmers to learn Laravel or update the syntaxes or the new code for the more experienced developers. These are called “Laracasts”. This comes with the video documentation of Laravel  – with the regular updation of syntax.

Finally, the popularity of the Laravel framework is due to incredible features. There is also an excellent community support with Laravel.

Moreover, we must not fail to mention the well-documented and the user-friendly nature of all the releases of Laravel. The coding style and comments appear detailed and consistent. The familiarity in the appearance always helps the user to relate it to the previous versions with utmost ease.


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