Best Places In Croatia You Didn’t Knew You Had to Visit

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Best Places In Croatia You Didn’t Knew You Had to Visit

For quite many years now, tourists in Croatia have disembarked from cruise ships and sailboats to enjoy the country’s popular islands and beaches. However, very few people get beyond the stunning-but-crowded popular sights, beaches, and national parks here. So much of Croatia still remains undiscovered by travelers.

There are lots of unusual, but incredible places you probably didn’t know you had to visit. These destinations go beyond the usual guidebooks and well-known tourist towns. They’re just an all-new, yet better way to see this country. Below are five highlights which are worth visiting and discovering for yourself:

(I) Badija Island, Korčula

This island has stayed undisturbed and uninhabited for almost 500 years now. It lies off the Korčula coast, where a monastery was built by Bosnian monks in the 1400s. This secluded community broke up after World War Two.

However, in recent years, Badija has been repopulated with deer. You’ll come across these creatures mingling among the region’s pine forests, venturing down to the nearby pebble beaches. You’ll definitely enjoy the tranquil surroundings here – an ideal relaxing spot for naturists. The Badija Island is easily accessible by taxi boats from the small Korčula harbors.

(II) Hora Winery, Stari Grad Plain

Stari Grad is the less popular counterpart of Hvar, with an atmosphere comparable with that of Hvar Town. Most visitors in Croatia bypass the Stari Grad Plain, little do they know what they miss out on. It’s a hugely fertile land that was originally settled by ancient Greeks. Vines and olives have been cultivated on this plain throughout the ages.

The Hora Winery is among the infinitely few buildings situated on this plain’s UNESCO world heritage site. It’s just a 15-minute taxi drive inland from the Stari Grad Marina, with some pretty fresh and organic produce grown on-site.

This spot is somewhat secret among the locals and yet the rustic wooden tables here are filled daily by the in-the-know travelers. It’s an ideal place if you’re seeking to just chill out while enjoying the beautiful surrounds.

(III) Zagorje Region, Zagreb

It’s generally described by the few that know it as an ultimate Mediterranean destination. This northern region boasts sightly rolling hills and medieval castles, thus evoking Croatia’s Austrian-Hungarian heritage. Zagorje is just a short distance from Zagreb, a typically busy city. It’s barely known to the majority of tourists in Croatia.

A fantastic way to enjoy Zagorje is to take a long drive and maneuver through its spectacular, color-shifting countryside. You’ll not regret making a stop at the Trakostan Castle. The thirteenth-century fortress is situated on a hill and complete with a drawbridge and turreted towers.

You can stroll around this castle’s manmade lake. Additionally, you can travel back in time visit the Croatian Neanderthal Museum. It’s here that the first Neanderthal’s recognizable remains were found.

(IV) Stiniva Bay, Vis

The Stiniva Bay is a truly rare site. It’s situated in Vis, which is among the furthest islands from Croatia’ mainland. That’s actually the reason why this bay remains untouched. Over the years, the Stiniva Bay has been shielded from urbanization and tourism over the years, and thus retains a true, authentic Mediterranean feel.

You need not look any further than the Vis Island if you’re seeking a tranquil seaside escape and the clearest Adriatic water. It boasts a few natural wonders which are certainly worth exploring. Such include the Stiniva Cove.

The hidden Stiniva Bay, accessible only by boat, is enveloped in several, magnificent cliffs that are over 100 meters high. This destination spot is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and cliff-diving.

(V) Mlini Beach, Pakleni

The Pakleni Islands are about a 20-minute water drive from Hvar Town. You won’t need a charter boat to get to Pakleni. However, you’ll need to carry your walking shoes with you for the hidden Mlini Beach. A water taxi will drop you at the Ždrilca Bay, where yachts usually moor for the afternoons and evenings. But, the fun begins on the other side of Pakleni Islands.

Palmižana would be a fantastic option if you’re in the mood of partying a little with a few other travelers. You can also head for the Mlini Beach if you’re seeking somewhere secluded and peaceful. It’s just a 10-minute walk from the Ždrilca Bay. You’ll definitely enjoy the convenience offered by the several restaurants dotted around these islands.

Unknown But Potentially Ultimate Getaways in Croatia You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

It’s impossible not to love this country, with its fascinating medieval history, unbelievably clear waters, and rugged, rocky outcrops. Croatia has gradually grown to become quite a popular vacation/tour destination.

The recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of foreign visitors and tourists here, making most of the popular attractions overcrowded. That has led to many people writing off this country as their next potential holiday destination. You’ll even hear some of those who’ve ever visited the country saying they don’t miss Croatia. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

The beautiful places featured above are barely frequently by crowds. And, nearly all of them are conveniently within quick reach of a reliable transport hub for car, bus, or boat. So, you now have absolutely no reason to let those crowds knock all of the Adriatic romanticism you already had or will get out of you.


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