Bridesmaid Dress Trends


We girls are very addicted to finding new and hot designs regarding any clothing, and when it’s about our wedding dress and bridesmaid dress we pay a little more attention towards such stuff. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter to us if we are going to marry next month or next year, we never miss an opportunity to check out the latest trends and styles of dresses which are updating the style statement of every girl. In this article, we are going to check some classic trends of the bridesmaid dresses in Australia. They are not only nice, but full-on stylish.

Dress TrendsOne shoulder dresses: this one is the current craze for all the girls, as for now people are crazy about bridal party with asymmetrical details and one shoulder dresses are perfect for such parties. In black, these dresses look purely chic, but yes to compliment this black you must add some pop of colour into your bouquet.

If you want to go a bit dramatic that too without any dark shade, then you can try gunmetal for a more elegant option. Now, if you want your bridesmaids to wear the same type of dress, then you can let the girls choose their own style of colours, this will allow them to depict their personality in a different way. You can even try navy blue with bright coloured footwear with it, it is simply beyond fabulous.

Some bold and vibrant hues:  Who doesn’t have a crush on bold and vibrant hues, at least I just love them more than anything else. Such shades are sassy and elegant both. You can choose something monochromatic with an impressive jewel tone and complement it with a soft shaded bouquet. You can rock vibrant colour in any shade like hot red or sunny yellow.

Mismatched gowns: I personally love this theme, one colour in different hues or one fabric in different styles..any innovative idea will work. The classiness that is depicted with mismatched theme is not possible with any other. It doesn’t matter is the shades are different, dress style is different or have different necklines, with the right choice of dresses you would be able to create a symmetry. If you are the girl who loves shiny objects, then you can even go for sequins.

If you are looking for some amazing bridesmaid dresses in Australia, then you can check online for some elegant designs. There are various options and yes, do consider the above given trends while buying.


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