Budget Travel Destinations For 2018


The much awaited 2018 is finally here, and with resolutions flying all over the place, everyone has mixed emotions, yet, are pretty hopeful for this year. Many of us have made a resolution this year to tap into our inner wanderlust and finally set out on some fantastic adventures all around the world.

If you are looking for some budget travel destinations this 2018, your first landing at this article is the perfect place for your set off! Find out all about the best and most affordable travel destinations that you simply must visit this year to start off your journey around the world (without busting your bank account!).

  1. Laos

A terribly under-rated and overlooked little country sandwiched in between Thailand and Vietnam, Laos tops the list as the budget travel destination you simply cannot miss out on this 2018. This dainty little country is sparsely populated and does not have the Instagram-worthy beaches which would look simply amazing on your social media posts. However, it is this quality which keeps away heavy crowds of tourists, making it a perfect getaway spot for those who just want some time alone with nature. What Laos lacks in beaches, it makes up for in dense forestry and mountains. This is the perfect travel destination for adrenaline junkies who want to take this new year as an opportunity to try out some adventure sports such as trekking, zip-lining, kayaking, and hot air ballooning; without burning a hole in your pocket!

  1. Nepal

A stunning budget travel destination this 2018, Nepal has everything to quench your wanderlust. From some of the most beautiful temples and monasteries, small road side food stalls which can compete with any big restaurant, many tiny, beautiful villages to explore and some of the friendliest locals you can find, Nepal is a beautiful travel destination for budget travelers. While most tourists might not have what it takes to climb all the way up to the Everest, a short trek to the base camps will give you just the trailer that you need to motivate you on taking up bigger mountain adventures in Nepal!

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is a whole other world that you can discover, however, one trip isn’t enough for you to take in all the beauties and adventures of this country. From Blue Lava spewing volcano, to friendly orangutans you can take some adventurous selfies with, to the dazzling white sand beaches, Indonesia has much to offer to its curious tourists. The perfect place for adventure lovers, or for someone who simply wants to sit back and unwind on the beach with a few mojitos, Indonesia should definitely be added to your budget travel destination this 2018.

  1. Estonia

How a beautiful country like Estonia is so under-rated when it comes to tourist destinations is a mystery to those who have adventurously discovered this country. The castles and the stunning coastline of Estonia seem like something taken straight out of a fairy tale from your favorite story book. The best part you can enjoy in Estonia? The free walking tours and free admission into the beautiful museums. The Estonian’s are colossally proud of the culture and heritage and are more than happy to show off their beautiful cities to their tourists. The food trucks all around the cities offer you some delicious, Instagram-worthy meals that won’t have you breaking the bank on this trip.

  1. Canary Islands

You can count on Spain to give you some of the most down to earth yet spectacular tourist destinations to fulfil your wanderlust this year. While you might not find this place filled to the brim with luxury hotels and restaurants, what you will come across are humble lodgings, simple yet intriguing street food, and friendly locals who are always up for showing their travelers a good time. There are stunning hike trails which you can trek along with your friends, or simply go on a solo trip and find some solace within the beauty of this place.

  1. Denver

Head on to the city of Denver in Colorado to have a good time with your friends and family this 2018. One of the specialties of this city is the local breweries which are scattered all over the city. The local pubs are something worth visiting, other than the obvious spectacular walking tours that you can take around this city. The art galleries in Denver are home to some stunning pieces of art from locals and renowned artists alike. Denver is the perfect place for you to have a small weekend getaway vacation and get away from the hustle and bustle of your own city to enter the local hustle and bustle of the city of Denver.

This short list emphasis some of the must visit places if you are just looking to have a nice, relaxing vacation which does not run too hard on your budget. Select your preferred destination, make your plans, pack your bags and get going. However, I would advise to maintain all safety precautions while on a journey and avoid any travel hurdles to enjoy a wonderful trip. Take a solo trip this year, or go with a loved one and visit some of these undiscovered beauties this 2018.


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