Is Coffee Harmful to Your Teeth?

Oral Health

Do you start the mornings with a cup of hot coffee? Think twice if you do the same because your favorite beverage is actually harmful to your teeth. All the taste and stimulation aside, coffee is actually a notorious teeth-staining drink. Its harms are not restricted to staining the teeth as there are a variety of other ways it could impact your teeth. Being restrained can indeed keep the risks down to a certain level but then will not guarantee your pearly whites back. So, even if you can’t do away with the sweet habit of drinking coffee daily, you need to know how this habit may impact your teeth to prepare yourself better.

Coffee can be harmful to your teeth in many ways, including –

It causes teeth staining

It’s quite obvious to us that coffee stains the teeth. Since the enamel on the teeth tends to be very porous in nature, any foods or drinks in dark color can enter into it and cause visible stains. Teeth cleaning can help in such cases and let you get back the glowing whiteness lost due to the beverage. Such cleanings however won’t help if the stains are stubborn and not limited to the teeth surface alone. Your dentist may ask you to go for veneers if the staining is deep and of severe nature.

It leads to enamel erosion

Any acidic foods and drinks, including coffee are bad for oral health for weakening the enamel on teeth. If you are a habitual drinker of coffee, it can then lead to erosion of the enamel in a gradual manner. However, this erosion is very much preventable or manageable provided you can stop a direct contact between your teeth and coffee. To do so, you will need to use a straw and not whoosh the drink around in the mouth. Plus, you can also rinse the mouth with water after having a coffee to keep the damages to a minimum level.

It dries the mouth to cause bad breath

A dry mouth is characterized by lack of saliva. This situation is bad for dental health due to becoming favorable for bacterial growth and proliferation. The caffeine in the coffee is a chemical that dries out all the saliva in the oral cavity or mouth. With no saliva, bacterial will find it easier to grow which in turn leads to bad breath. You can however handle this problem by focusing on keeping the saliva level intact in mouth. Which can be possible with regular chewing of gums. But yes, go for sugar-free gums to avoid inviting bacteria for plaque formation.

The sugar in coffee brings in plaque-causing bacteria

If you coffee is rich in sugar, it will then be bad for your dental health. The sugar levels help bring in plaque-causing bacteria and increase risks to your teeth and gums. The high amount of caffeine you take regularly is not as harmful as sugar amounts so you should be very careful on that front. You can always consult a top best dentist Bushwick and know in detail about the treatment available for stained teeth.


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