What Is a Company Marketing Deck Card?


Marketing decks is a presentation, which is used by companies, managers and executives for different purposes. It can be used as a tool for selling a product, service , or as a screenshot of company marketing program. This deck is presented to the managers of a business.

Snapshot Deck

Most of the managers and owners like to see a monthly, quarterly or yearly data from the marketing department. This data is presented as a snapshot deck or presentation of the slides. This include information on the services that were the focus as well as finance information data. You may be asked to include all IM information, sessions to the website, visits to the store or visitors of social media pages.

The Sales Deck

It can be made easier to sell products and services by presenting the information in casual format. The sames deck is a PPT that can be present to clients to give the company data and figures. It also serves as the important take away and leave behind for clients.

What You Can Include in Deck

Both types of marketing decks should have essential data, including the overview of your company, a list of its managers and description of the services. It will be a good idea to add a snapshot of demographic data. E.g. if the deck is planned to sell advertise, market the services, then you should add information about the customers and markets of your company. If the deck is going to be showed to supervisor or management team, then must include a snapshot of the largest clients and revenue figures that match to the demographics. These all things will help the company to set its marketing strategy, and your deck is the key tool for the planning process.

Some Tips for Deck Presentation

A marketing deck can be given to your all potential clients or to supervisors after the meeting, the way you present all the data in the deck is possibly just an important as the deck itself. The deck is probably to include lots of charts, graphs and may contain financial figures. But you need to be sure to explain all of the related data in presentation. It will be worth idea to keep in mind that people take the material in different ways. Some people likes to look at illustrations to examine finance figures, and others may be prefer a written explanation or a discussion on the information. Keep your speech concise, and do not afraid to participate in the discussion about any issue that come up. This can be very useful communication medium for any business.


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