Convenience Store At Gas Station: Useful Tips To Enhance The Sale


Convenience stores are small retail outlets that are selling a range of everyday items from groceries, snack items, confectionary, beverages, over-the-counter-medication, tobacco products, toiletries, newspapers and magazines. Besides selling these edible, they may also have money order and wire transfer services. After reading the item details they are selling, you may assume them a typical general store or village shop.

Though they store almost same items like a general store, convenience shops are different due to their location. Stores like Zoom gas station are located in the premises of fuel pump and often remain open 24/7 or longer duration to execute urgent shopping needs of people visiting pumps.  Instead of a gas station, you may find them anywhere in urban areas, railway station, metro station, airport and other transport hubs.

Individuals visiting these stores are always in a hurry and in need of buying particular items. Buyers purchasing from these shops are serious buyers. They already know what they need, before they even enter the shop. To avoid losing customers, store staff must avoid wasting buyer time after showing him/her the things they don’t need.

Below I am sharing few simple tips convenience shop owners must follow to boost up the sales and profits.

Stand out from the competition

Convince stores are common. In fact, all fuel pumps have them. If you want to convert first time visitor into a loyal customer, you will need to make some extra efforts. Otherwise, they will stop anywhere on the way to fulfil their needs. Spend some money on staff uniform and efficient communication training. Offer them free window washing and head light cleaning while they stop for fueling and shopping from your shop. Warm welcomes and heartfelt goodbyes are few simple tricks you may implement to increase sales.

Don’t forget to reward your employees

Running a retail outlet at the gas station is not an easy task. The efficient taskforce is mandatory to provide quality customer care services. To keep your staff motivated towards offering exceptional services, you should not ignore recognizing their efforts and good work. Setup logical markers to record and evaluate their performance to compensate them accordingly. Consider hiring qualified individuals and don’t try to save money after recruiting below average staff. Distribution of certificates, financial incentives and occasional gift hampers are few of the efficient ways to show your care and respect for employees.

Display products innovatively

Store arrangement and product display play a crucial role in increase and decrease of sales. All products must be clean and placed correctly in their respective section. Conduct market research to find out innovative ideas. Try adding unique products and services, which you may find other stores are missing. This will drag more customers. For example, creating parking space for large trucks and RVs will attract cross-country travellers.

Place related items close to each other

In addition to arranging things in an attractive display, arrange them cleverly. Always place complementary items together to double the sales. For example, place paper plates and cups along with food items and place lighters with tobacco items.

Develop a loyalty program to benefit buyers

If it is not breaking your budget, offer visitors discount coupons on spending a certain amount of money. Presenting a surprise gift or souvenir on completing three or five purchases is also a good idea to boost up the sales.

Endnote:  These are few simple tips and trick you may follow to increase sales and build up a brand image like a Zoom gas station.


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