Dubai Brings The DH1 Million Uber For Medical Transport Into The Market


DCAS (Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services) has now included the DH1 Million worth Sports car ambulance as per Khalifa Bin Derai. The claims about this super ambulance is that it can reach the injured within 4 minutes of intimation and will provide on trip medical first aid till the patient reaches the Emergency room. The estimated time for reaching emergency room is about 8 minutes.

The fleet

5 beautiful high performance sports cars have been converted in to state of the art ambulances. These ambulances are meant to provide all kinds of immediate action first aid and ensure that the patient reaches the hospital or trauma room in record time.

A spokes person states that, “we value lives and we know technology. This is why we have put these two things together to ensure that our technology can be trusted to keep one’s life safe. No lives have to be lost because of delayed medical attention”.

The car

Whoever thought that a sports car could become an Uber for medical transport? We have all seen and heard about mobile on demand ambulance apps, but what we haven’t heard of is a sports car being converted into an ambulance.

You can always trust Dubai to do it in style. They have come up with the world’s biggest, baddest and largest building so far, but who could have ever thought about this. This ambulance has a speed of 300 kmph. This is not just a sport car turned ambulance. It is much more. It has medical equipments, devices, audio visual systems, alarm systems, lights and more.

Who uses these?

Special tourists staying at very premium locations such as the Jumeirah Street, the Palm, The Jumeirah Sidewalk, the Burj Khalifa, the Burj al Arab etc. get these ambulances when there is an emergency. Place where large scale festivals are held also house these ambulances.

Image building

Not that Dubai needed it, but such on demand ambulance apps have contributed on building the image of Dubai as a very pro active country in terms of health and prosperity. It drives in more and more tourists because they believe that the country is continuously evolving to make it a better place for influx of alien traffic.

The paramedic team that mans this Uber for Medical Transport is well versed in English to facilitate no Arabic speaking tourist. This goes a long way in establishing a trust factor. For the most part, Dubai is looked at as a budget holiday destination by many. With such enhancements, it is inching its way into the premium category.

The makers claim that, “It is not just a mean of transporting the patients fast, but rather a moving hospital that is operated by an emergency technical team and qualified paramedics to handle the serious injuries as it is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment in the world.”


Each special sports car converted into a state of the art ambulance contains:

  • defibrillators,
  • cardiac resuscitation units,
  • artificial respiration,
  • blood pressure
  • sugar measuring devices
  • Apparatuses for treating bone fracture and wounds.

On Demand Ambulance apps

There are certain mobile apps that can easily be used from one’s smartphones to book ambulances. You can quickly go to the app as it requires only one time log in from the device. After that you can use it to call a premium service ambulance. The concept of Uber for ambulance has been around for sometime however, the latest addition of super fast, ultra premium ambulance has sure made this app a sizzle whistle.

Taking it on a business

Considering the needs of the present time, ambulance apps are becoming quite successful. It is actually a very viable business option because it doesn’t really require any continuous investment. A onetime investment in the app will ensure that you have an ambulance management system.

Independent ambulance services can register in your apps and offer their ambulances to the people for booking. Now, everytime your app is used to book an ambulance, you make a commission. Although it sounds very puny, the commissions add up to be a huge number at the end of the day. What’s more you don’t have to restrict this Uber for medical transport facility only to a particular country. You can launch it in multiple countries and states to make more profits.

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