Dhamakedaar Groom Entry Ideasfor Today’s Grooms


The baraat along with the groom has to make an appearance pretty unique and impressive more than just sitting on a horse or coming by car at weddings these days. This is a fun thing to do, and with a healthy dose of competing with what the girl’s side can come up with as well – all in the name of healthy fun, mind you. Grooms and their entourage these days have unique ways of making an entry into their own wedding banquet. Here are some unique ways to think about wedding ideas for groom at modern Indian weddings.

The grooms are surely following some really amazing groom entry ideas to enter into their wedding with a bang!

A Buggy Entry

With the help of local buggies, get them invited and involved in your wedding. Dress up the buggies in vibrant shades of flowers and fabrics, and let your baraatis sit in. Lead the baraat to bride’s house as a groom when you are also sitting in a special buggy with your best man. Play Bollywood music along the way to cheer up the mood around and to enhance the scene too. This would make for a very funny yet sassy entry, your wife would remember for life.

Biking all the Way

For his love of bikes, the groom and his entourage can decide to take their bikes all the way to the bride’s house. Call it his passion or second love, a biking ride entry by the groom and his baraat speaks of power and passion.

A Royal Ride 

Back in the days when maharajas got married, they had elephants for them to reach to the girl’s house. In this day and age, the same can be arranged too, with all permissions in place. A Royal ride is a must, if it is a destination or an intra-city wedding. The groom and his best man can sit on the elephant, whilst the baraatis walk by the elephant which is being managed by the mahout. This will be one of the best from all groom entry ideas.

A Rajwada Entry

Make the baraat entry that befits the likes of the Royals. A Rajwada style entry is what you should have, with flags fluttering down the aisle you would walk on, to get to your bride. This is an elegant way to make an impression, and it speaks of high tastes in life as well.

The Good Old Cycle Ride

This is one baraati entry for the groom and his entourage that would remain evergreen and popular; it never fades out and never will. The good old cycle can be a vehicle for the whole entourage to travel in; only those who can manage the same and keeping the distance in mind as well. Keep ringing away on the metal ringers to announce your entry the moment you land at bride’s place.

On an Auto Rickshaw

Gather a couple of auto rickshaws and dress them up fine and nice for the baraat to get into. Place pictures of the people from the baraat onto the auto rickshaw and flowers in plenty. This would make for an ideal baraat entry in the evenings; quite an eye-catching concept and a quirky way to tell your bride that you are here to marry her! One of the best wedding ideas for groom, we must say!

Segway is the Hip

Grab this inspiration and idea from Karan Singh Grover &BipashaBasu’s wedding. He just custom made this Segway accompanied by dhol-dhamak, to take his Lady Love. This idea is common in the western world and is catching up in the Indian wedding scene as well. It doesn’t cost much as well and is a sweet and unique gesture to impress your wife!

Hail in Helicopter

Make your entry unique by trailing down in a helicopter. Take off and land-in in a helicopter, as you start the new chapter of your life and hold your hands with your better half. It is much like the Karan Johar kind of movies and definitely a grand entry for a grand affair that you will witness only once in your lifetime.

Scooter with a Side Seat

The Sholay style is all here back again. Ride with your best man or sarbala in this dramatic and fun-filled scooter with a side seat. Maybe play or re-enact the brotherhood and head on to the bride’s house. The rest of the baraat could come on horses or cars, following the groom and the best man.

ATV Ride

How about an ATV for a beach wedding? So masculine and cool! Well, this is definitely something you should not miss if you are having a beach wedding. And of course for all the adventure lovers, this is a must try. The groom is surely going to look cool and smashing with a grand ATV ride into this own wedding.

Get on the Dancing Shoulders

Getting onto dancing shoulders and being ushered into the bride’s home is a fun way to begin the wedding without a doubt. Have your strongest friends and male relatives dancing around, and you perched on two of their shoulders. The music should be pepped up and fun to play with and the rest would be magical as it unfolds.

The idea is to have fun whilst making an entry into the bride’s house at the wedding. An impression in the right way to create is a must, which is why we urge you to think out of the box when it comes togroom entry ideas. You can also blend in an old-school way with the new, and make a magical baraat entry to impress one and all.


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