Electric Blankets – Providing Great Relief from Extreme Cold, and from Muscle Pains


    An electric blanket is a very valuable product for those staying in cold countries, who have to struggle during the cold winter nights. By using the electricity power, electric blankets deliver the exact amount of heat you want it, inside your bed!

    There are different types of electric blankets available in the market and each one of them has its own characteristics. Electric blankets vary in basic attri  butes such as shape, color and price. Additionally, you will also find many variations in electric blankets regarding some important features like heating method and manufacturing materials.

    Most of the electric blankets include a heat adjusting or heat controlling option while some of the new blanket models have an option that enables the blanket to automatically turn off after a set period of time. This option is very much helpful according to experts as turning on the blanket whole night while you are sleep is not a good practice.  By using this feature, one can simply program the blanket to automatically turn off after an hour so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about switching off the blanket at some point later. Then again when you feel cold at night, you can simply leave the blanket on, to accompany you through the whole night.

    Providing Great Benefits to Health

    By using an electric blanket you could significantly increase your quality of sleep. A perfect sleep environment always needs the perfect temperature which varies with every individual. Switching on the thermostat every night to create the right atmosphere can be awkward, and will not always bring the best results, especially when sharing a bed with someone else who do not prefer same temperature. Thus, only an electric blanket can only solve the problem. Climbing into a bed that is just right could seriously increase the quality and quantity of sleep, and will have tremendous results on overall well-being.

    It is a well known fact that supplying heat to sore muscles relaxes the tissue and alleviates discomfort and pain, relives aches and increases the blood flow to muscles and joints. An electric blanket can do the all the above work just with a twist of dial. People who suffer from rheumatic diseases are seriously going to appreciate the extra heat. By using an electric blanket one can relieve muscle stress and this leads to better sleep.




    Hot and Cold Ice Packs

    Other than electric blankets hot and cold ice packs can also be used to get relief from any muscle pain. Hot and cold ice packs are used to get relief from any muscle pain or to reduce any swelling in the joints. Ice packs reduce inflammation by constructing the blood vessels around the injured joint or limb. Cold also creates a numbness so that the feeling of pain is reduced. While doing this, your muscles get relaxed and tension around the joint or muscle can be released. This is why athletes and players soon as they fall or have a bloody nose, the first thing the physician does is he/she applies the cold pack to reduce the swelling.

    Generally, a doctor recommends the use of ice packs for 15 minutes and after waiting for an hour use the next ice treatment again. Ice wrapped in a basic plastic bag can just work fine, but they sometimes leak, hard to mold into shape, and can only be used once. With reusable ice packs, they are leak free, forms around your joints, and when you are done they can be put back into the freezer to be used for the next session.

    Throw Blankets

    Throw blankets are littler than normal bed covers and they don’t need to be tucked. Another distinguish feature of these blankets is the defensive stain edging. These blankets are intended to give solace and warmth notwithstanding different layers of covers, for the most part they are utilized while napping, viewing a film or cuddling up with your life partner.

    There are various types of throw blankets available in the market, so if you are going to shop for throw blanket then you should first decide the amount of warmth, comfort and style you need for the blankets and then choose them according to your needs.

    Advantages of a Throw

    A colorful throw blanket can give your bedroom a warm and comfortable feel when they are draped across the bottom of the bed. They are widely available in different colors and designs which mean you can find one that will compliment your existing décor. Throws are there to provide warmth on winter night, so when relaxing on a bed you can use smaller and manageable throws to avoid cold feet. They can be used as a decorative in your rooms in daytime, and can be used in night to get protection from cold.

    Another important benefit of throws are that they are easily transportable, neither too heavy nor bulky to move around the home. They can also be used by children to lie on the floor and watch TV.  Whether you need a blanket or throw to keep yourself warm in winter is your choice but you need to ask few questions before making a final decision.


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