Enjoy the View and Feel the Love in a Bali Wedding


One of the most popular venues for a wedding is the Bali, Indonesia. There is no need to ask why the reasons are apparent. If you want a unique and idyllic setting for your wedding, there is only one place that we have in mind the dreamy Bali Island.

In Indonesia, the place is also called the “Island of Gods”. It is irresistibly beautiful and adds a magic to things, particularly with vibrant offerings and well-decorated temples all over. But some people think that getting married in this place is quite expensive. Contrary to what others think, Bali weddings are affordable.

This article will include not just the cost of the wedding, but also include some tips on how to stick to your budget and avoid unnecessary expenses which often occur when in unexpected places.

How much a Bali wedding will cost you?

Bali weddings may range from $500 to $50,000. It depends on the location of the wedding, the number of guests, the design and settings, the team of videographers, the food you want, the brides makeup and her entourage, and others. If you are having a big wedding, then your wedding cost might cost you around $50,000 or more. If the sky is the limit for your expenses, you can stay in a 5-star resort along with your hundreds of guests.

For a wedding in a 4-star hotel with not more than 30 guests together with a photographer, a reception dinner, and hair and makeup expect to pay $7000 to $12,000.

Let your guests indulge in accommodations

Bali has a wide array of fantastic resorts, and there are lots of smaller, more casual place to stay. Thus, your trip can be fancy, very low-key or a combination of the high and low end for only $75 a night for a room. The properties have pools and include breakfast. Also, you can venture outside the resort, like renting a motorbike, you can also find great tasting food that is affordable and a relaxing massage that will only cost you around $15/hour.

You can choose from seriously attractive chapels

One of the reasons why weddings in Bali are famous is because of their beautiful chapels and churches. The Bulgari Resort Bali is one of the renowned wedding venues on the island. You will find their breath-taking sites, which include a reflecting pool that lets the bride look as if she is walking on water. The world’s first Bulgari wedding chapel features handcrafted and local stone floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

Another popular resort in Bali is the Ayana. It is the most sought after resort in Bali with lots of places, including the Sky, which is around 115 ft. over the sea. You can find here the Tresna Chapel, which is dramatically shaped and is an all-glass chapel with sheer aisle over a flowing river. It can accommodate around 80 guests.

Makeup and hair cost

Most of the brides also invite their moms, sisters, and bridesmaids for hair and makeup styling. So how much it will cost you for makeup and hairstyling. The majority of Bali makeup and hair professionals expect to pay around $80 to $150 that usually takes approximately 60-120 minutes. For moms and bridesmaids, makeup artist typically offers their services at lower prices.

If you want to retain your makeup artist, they offer more extended services until the evening. Most of the makeup artists in Bali will go to your wedding venue, and there is no need to visit them in town. They offer trials sometimes as part of the package and sometimes separately.

We want to warn you if you are looking for a cheap stylist in Bali, most of them are inexperienced and use low-quality cosmetics. They barely understand English, and the worst of all they sometimes don’t show up on the wedding day.

Have fun with your friends and family after the wedding

Surfing is a fun and enjoyable thing to do in Bali after the wedding. The place is known for its waves and perfect for surfing. Aside from the pro-level venues, there are places where novice surfers can take lessons in the warm water. The good is that if you do not have to wear a wetsuit to surf. So do not worry if you forgot to bring your surfing attire.

Other outdoor activities that you can do include kayaking, hiking, trekking to waterfalls, and river rafting. Some people also tried out the Yoga in Bali. Another attraction in Bali is their yoga lessons that are suitable for all levels and interests.

Final words

If you are looking for a solemn and unique wedding, try the Bali wedding. The experience is something that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Your friends and relatives will thank you for bringing them into one of the most romantic places in the world.


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