Best Food Supplements That Prevent Canine Cancer

Healthy food

Cancer is a wide-spread life-threatening disease. It neither leaves out our loved one nor our beloved pets. A lot of research is being done worldwide to prevent and cure it. For a healthier life, we all need to bring major lifestyle changes (especially in our diets).

If we provide a healthy diet for our pets, we can prevent the deadly disease and prolong their life. The present article focuses on major shifts in canine food.

General Guide to Changing Canine Food:

If your pooch is suffering from cancer, avoid giving him kibbles altogether. They are cooked on high temperatures that encourage the production of carcinogens. Avoid cheaper food brands as they have an excessive amount of artificial preservatives, fillers, and unnatural flavors. It can make it difficult for you maintain healthy teeth of dog.

It’s best to feed organic food that’s prepared at home or raw diets. Dog food should contain fewer carbohydrates and high fat and protein contents. A high amount of carbohydrates are energy sources for cancerous cells to replicate and grow. Fats are good energy sources too. The dogs that are cancer patient should have a diet containing unsaturated fats, high-quality proteins, and complex and simple carbohydrates.

5 Food Supplements that Prevent Cancer:

Natural food supplements are the best choices to add to a dog’s diet. Other than adding probiotics and digestive enzymes to dog’s daily diet, you can add these naturally occurring anti-cancer supplements too.

Tip: Always keep the dog’s weight in check because obesity can help cancerous cells by providing them the energy they require to multiply.

  1. Miraculous Green Food:

Greenies have got chlorophyll that blocks the absorption of carcinogenic Aflatoxins, reveals a study conducted at Oregon State University.

Studies have shown that phytochemicals are beneficial in preventing cancer. Phytochemicals are present in plants (greenies) that stop normal cells to develop into cancerous ones. These organic compounds combat and prevent cancer. If your dog is suffering from cancer or you want to prevent it, then supplement his diet with leafy green vegetables.

Organic vegetables and fruits are nutrient-rich supplements that can be fed in grated, steamed or raw form. It might take some time for the dog to adjust, but this would be a really wise decision on your part for the pooch.

  1. Omega-3s in Fatty Fish:

Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory in action. They have immune-boosting power that promotes the dog’s coat health and brain health. Moreover, some of the research confirms that omega-3s are helpful in weight loss. It might work for your dog too by curbing his excessive hunger.

You can serve fish or add fish oil to your dog’s diet according to his likes and dislikes. It’s best to feed freshly caught fish rather than farmed one.

  1. Vitamins That Combat Cancer:

Vitamin D3 functions in the immune-boosting and cancer-preventing department. It is a great mood booster that will help dogs against stress, anxiety, and depression. Salmon, eggs, shrimp, and sardines are good sources of vitamin D3.

Vitamin E (in the form of Tocotrienol) is a powerful anti-cancer and anti-oxidant agent. A 2008 study had shown that it kills cancerous cells and stops their spread in the body. Palm fruit oil is a rich source of tocotrienols.

  1. Immune-Boosting Oils:

There are two amazing oils that boost the dog’s immune system and help him maintain a healthy weight: coconut oil and olive oil. Olive oil has also got anti-inflammatory power. Add them to dog’s diet in a vet-prescribed amount. If your dog doesn’t like it much, add it to his favorite food.

  1. Plant Seeds:

Sunflower and chia seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid and fibers. Omega-3s prevent cancer and fibers help in maintaining dog’s weight. Ferment the seeds in a jar for a fortnight or more, and then squash them into a thick paste. Add a small amount of paste to dog’s meal 2 to 3 days per week.


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