Guide To Summer Fashion


As summer is approaching, you can feel the heat of the season. it quite tough to find out perfect jewellery to wear in summer, in the crouching heat you will obviously go for the lightweight options available in the market. Since there are too many options available in the market so we are here to guide you through your summer jewellery collection. An important fact that should be kept in mind is latest trends, your outfit and occasion.

Let’s start with the trends in fashion jewellery approaching in 2018

Tassels jewellery

The latest trend in fashion jewellery is tassel earrings, girls are going gala over this earing .its easy to carry and light in weight, these earrings are available in multiple colours in the market. this looks simply stylish you can wear it with every western wear. This earing also comes with white crystal, you can mix match this earring .the advantage of this earring, its light weight that’s why I find it perfect for summer season. Apart from this, you can also carry in it parties whether its cocktail or get together. You  simply choose your outfit on the basis of the occasion, long metal tassels are new in for all dresses, multi-colour tassels will go with your ethnic wear.


Chokers have been around for thousands of years .from ancient civilisation, with time it is associated with different meaning in different cultures and religion. From the ancient time, it is associated with a high-end fashion accessory. Its an extremely short length necklace for your neck. Famous celebrity like Rihanna and many others also wore them on special occasion .after a long time it comes back in fashion, a simple ribbon tied up around the neck is also choker .it easy to carry accessory .choker is mostly made of light material but you can choose your style of choker according to the event or party. A choker is a bold accessory; one should carry it with a bold attitude, wear with your jumpsuit or long ethnic skirt.

Long earring

One of the hottest trends in the season is long earring, long earing is versatile accessory has been carried with different looks on the ramp as well as on red carpet. Long earrings come in various styles .long sleek earrings, pearl long earing, white crystals long earing and many other styles .it would give you a gracious look with evening party gowns, dazzle your look. long earing are never out of fashion  .it is a fabulous accessory to have in, they not only look elegant but also give a slender look to your neck. If you have multiple piercing on your earlobe, experiment with, long earring you can wear on low or high for an edger look.

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