A Guide to Transcription Services in Melbourne

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Do you need to prepare a report based on communications or memoranda written in another language? Or would you like to know the full content of phone calls in a foreign language? Translation and interpretation are a work that not only involves speed, but also the knowledge of the language, editing time, capacity for synthesis and textual organization.

The Transcription Services in Melbourne offers translation in English of court tapes, police interrogation, immigration interviews and an attorney/client meeting, as well as video transcripts for film/TV, pharmaceutical, market research and Financial companies. In fact, they can transcribe to English for any business sector that requires audio transcription or subtitling services in English.

Three types of the deals for transcription in English:

  • Simple Transcription in English:

The client uploads the audio files to their secure FTP site, and then the project manager downloads the files and assigns them to a transcriptionist. For a parallel transcription, one of the certified English language proofreaders can check for any errors and finally the properly reviewed files are uploaded to the FTP site, from where the client can download them.

  • English-based Internet Transcript:

If you have an application on the internet, where the audio files in English are loaded, they enter the application and perform the transcription from the same application.

  • Remote Transcription in English:

Many clients have a home application to save the audio and video files. Transcription Services in Melbourne can create a remote access mechanism and perform the transcription in the same system. The certified reviewers review the transcript of the files and update the status on the board.

Advantages of Transcription services in English:

  • Multiple formats supported:

They receive files of all formats including DSS, MP3, WAV, MOV, MP4, AIFF, MPEG4, WMA, RA, etc. They can send you the transcribed files in any popular format, through your email, FTP or upload them directly into your application.

  • Profitable:

You will save more than 60% of the cost of your transcriptionists in English if you outsource the transcription work to Transcription Services in Melbourne. They offer the high-quality output at the best price.

English Transcriptions of Specific Industries

Such transcription services work with English transcriptionists from specific industries that cover a wide range of materials including medical, legal, interview, property, financial, insurance, conference, academic, television, film and radio.

To hire a translation and transcription service, you must check online.


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