Guidelines For Creating A Secure Mobile App For Providers

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Health care providers are aiming to create apps that provide full assistance to the patients via business app to easy the streamlined process and provide clinical help to improve patient’s health. In the process, they face many security and privacy issues. It’s a challenging task to design an app that can work well at different hospitals with doctors or nurse several times a day. This doesn’t mean that the developers should hold themselves from developing an app. There are several measures that can be taken to secure the app during the development process that can ensure high security.

In this article, we will mention guidelines that will prove to be useful if the health directors follow when creating a secured and effective app.

Identify your device and end user

Every healthcare facility requires a different kind of device to work with. The end user will have a different device, mobile devices vary from user to user. Thus, when the physicians are targeted there’s a high chance that they use iOS devices, while the traveling nurse and other users are Android users. Moreover, it’s vital to know how mobile savvy your end-user population is, how it can impact your design, and what kind of training is required to confirm app adoption.

Usability should be the top priority for app development

When you’re developing an app for the end user your very first priority is to provide them something that is valuable to them. It’s important to focus on providing usability of the app to the user. In a healthcare atmosphere, the app surely needs care as it can impact the patients care. Either it’s the delivery of educational material to the doctors or tracking the stress level or measuring sleep patterns to learn about the patient’s information. It’s important to do a test version of the app to see if the app has all that users can ask for. Another great way is to ask the users if there’s any improvement needed and update the app based on their suggestions.

Implement App level security

Implementing app-level security is said to the top priority of the developers. Healthcare privacy concern can be addressed by securing the mobile workflow. Mobile app developers allow users to access the app with a fully secured system by providing data protection. This can be done by implying security at the end of the compilation of the app.

Build an app system of record and governance policy

When the developers aim at providing capabilities, they make they are covering all the devices that the end users are using. These apps can either be built by a single team or different partners to ensure that the apps are of high quality and standard and have the same features on all the phone.  It’s important to have all the features in a centralized system. This approach helps give the developer a better insight how much the user is using the app and when is he using the app.

Ease the download process for the users

The healthcare providers need to make the download process of an app easy for the users to download the easily or it will stay idle. There are different ways for developers to work on to make it easy for users to get secured apps. The easier the app is to download the more installs it will get. The App Store is an effective place to reach out to your audience.

Gain app insight with analytics

During the development, testing, and production of the app gathering customers feedback and reviews will give you a clear idea whether they like it or not. This helps the developer know about the key areas that need improvement. The app gets altered accordingly as per user’s feedback and helps the developer understand the app in a better way.


After everything has been done the last option left to do is testing. Whether you decide to test it yourself or from an outsource, you want to make sure testing is done after every stage of app development process. Don’t ignore testing to avoid risks.


Knowing all these guidelines and working with them will help healthcare provider to know all the critical information to address and work on them accordingly which can be a challenging task to achieve. Keep these principles in mind to develop a secured and effective mobile app for users to ensure security.


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