Tick-Tock: 5 Quick Hacks To Save For Last-Minute Travel


Saving money for travel is the best way to make your travel goals come true. The more you give yourself days in saving, the more chances you are going to visit your dream destination maybe it is domestic or international.

Planning for an affordable vacation can be exhausting most especially if you are on a tight budget. Starting from planning where you can find an affordable place to stay, food places where you can satisfy your taste buds and sites where you can enjoy doing activities.

As the clock is ticking and you’re worrying because the money you have saved may not be enough to sustain your days of vacation, don’t panic! You still have time. You can use the information listed below as a guide how to save for your last-minute travel.

Be Versatile

According to USA Today, the cheapest days to travel are Tuesday and Wednesday. The best thing to do is to avoid going on weekends since there are flocks of travelers on this day and the airfare could be too costly.

Try to leave in a larger airport that’s near your home so you can find a variety of available discounts. Choose flights that go early in the morning or late at night. Prices of tickets during these travel times are cheaper compared to any other times of the day.

Examine Various Airports

If you are using a price-comparison or airline websites, be specific to the city where you are going to leave not the airport. It will lead you to more options. Also, if you choose to leave and arrive at the same airport upon booking, then the price may be a lot lower.

Discover and Browse Varieties of Sites

Fares and prices change from time to time, so there is no best time where you can choose promotions. Last-minute travel deals appear anytime so it is always best when you subscribe to web alerts so you can get multiple choices of lower last-minute travel promos.

Seek Help from Travel Agents

All the time, prices that have been offered on sites or through agencies are high and are at regular rates. Try calling travel agents and ask questions if there are available deals cheaper than what you’re looking.

Travel agents have access to checking available deals and other possible discounts that are not published online. In this way, you might be able to save a little bit more.

Finalize and Complete your Travel plans

As you are on the stage of saving your pockets from spending too much and doing last minute deals, layout and finalize everything.

For your place to stay or hotel accommodation, bargain with them. Look for refundable hotel bookings and continuously update if they offer cheaper rates than you initially booked. Sometimes, hotel properties provide lower prices for a better room.

Lastly, for your food places, it’s always a basic rule to try your destination’s local food. Forget about fine-dining and fancy restaurants. If your tummy is capable of digesting any types of food, then dig into local and affordable meals.


Last minute savings for your dream vacation is doable. As long as you exert an extra effort of looking for promotions and deals and you are wise enough with your planning, then it’s not impossible to attain your travel goals by spending too much.

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