Hire the best Web Hosting in India for a Successful Website


If you are looking for a firm to get a reliable dedicated web hosting in India, you have already acquired a decent spot in the pyramid of success in the online corporate world. Since you are looking for dedicated web hosting, you already are on the right track. You know you need to maintain your position. You cannot let scalability or lack of management and security on your website bring you down now.

It is okay if you are not one of the tech savvy people around. You have your own team of web developers. If you have not reached this point yet, if you are only starting, do not look at a dedicated server just yet. Go for shared hosting or VPS. It is not below dedicated hosting. These are your training wheels. Find a good web developer though. Let him or her have an entire team for web development and management.

Be alert

As long as you are on shared hosting or managed VPS server, you do not even have to know anything about security or any of that technical stuff. But when your company is growing, your website will get busier. More traffic will begin to come in, more data will need to be produced and stored. Your social media presence will need to be more frequent. So, even though your SEO and web development teams are taking care of everything, you can’t just sit back and relax.

You need to look at the daily statistics from the tools. You need to sit with your SEO expert and analyse the data to figure out the visitor trends on your website. You must take care of this every day. Anything that is not going in favour of the website, needs to be changed right away. You need your management and development team ready to work 24*7 during the developmental phase. Your website is like a delicate child who needs constant nurturing.

Dedicated server hosting

When your web traffic starts growing, you need to recognise its needs. You should be able to provide the bandwidth, memory, storage, and tool access that it needs in order to run smoothly. Do not look for the cheapest dedicated server hosting in India, when you are browsing online. Look for the best dedicated server hosting instead.

Managed and unmanaged hosting

You can go for managed dedicated server hosting or unmanaged dedicated server hosting. It is up to you. If you don’t know the difference. We will help you update yourself with the knowledge. They are pretty similar in function. They offer you tight security, all the features you would need, and everything else. But with unmanaged dedicated hosting, the system is taken care of by the in house team of the client, while managed hosting is handled by the service provider. If you have your own team of IT professionals, take an unmanaged server. If you want things to be taken care of, go for managed hosting.

Basically, it means, if you are not the tech savvy person, and do not have many connections, you can depend on the hosting service provider to take care of the management for you. Do not worry, this does not mean you will lose control over your server. You will need to be present for all discussions and meetings. Every decision will be taken after you authorise it. The management team will only be there for the technical skill part. It is still your website and server.

If you have a lot of encrypted data or any data to safeguard, it is recommended you go for un-managed server hosting. Not that the server provider will tamper with your data if you let them manage the server. But it is always good to keep things totally in your control when you are dealing with serious confidential information. Get your own security team and management team. Invest in a group of skilled and experienced professionals.

Stay involved

The importance of your involvement in your own website can never be overstated. You are needed to build the brand image of the company over social media platforms. You are required to get in touch with visitors via comments and feedbacks. You cannot always have others do things for you. Even if you are paying a professional for your social media handles, personal involvement is crucial at some level. Your target audience needs to feel you are invested in them.

Also, when it comes to the development tools, inbound traffic statistics, and such things, you need to be there. You need to know how your website is doing. You do not need technical knowledge.

You need to give in your original ideas so that your website is build on the brand image that is naturally your personality. One very common mistake related to web hosting in India that entrepreneurs make is that they put their entire focus on the handling of the business. They do create an online presence, but do not get back there to update or share any new information. Some websites still have information from 2013! This reflects poor management. Do not do this. Take your online presence seriously.

Hire a consultant

You can hire a web hosting expert to give you advice regarding what is right for you at the current time. You can hire a social media management expert to guide you with brand management and public interaction.

Do what is best for your website. Select a good web hosting in India that can offer at your price range. Use it judiciously. Always be attentive to what your web developer or the traffic monitor tools are saying.


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