History Of Jewellery The Way We Are Getting Inspired From Rajputana Heritage Culture


Jewellery is an inseparable part of any tradition. Indians leave no stone unturned when it comes to experimenting with ornaments. With wedding season around the corner and the craze of destination weddings breaking the ceiling, it is unfair if Rajputana Heritage Jewellery is not mentioned.

Rajputana comprises influences from the lands of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Heavy, royal and vibrant is what sums it up perfectly. Be it a generic jewellery designer online portfolio or a professional portfolio, it is bound to have pieces that are inspired from the heritage of the land.

Be it a head ornament such as a Rakhdi, Sheeshfool, Borla or even a matha patti, jewellery designing institutes in Jaipur have inspired hundreds of online portfolios sites for students to put up innovative ideas that preserve the essence of the age old tradition. Even you could design your own heritage set by signing up for a jewellery designing course in Jaipur.

Finding that perfect Nath is essential as it could make or break the entire bridal look. Pair it up with pearl detailing or sport it as a simple ornament like women did in the olden times and the look is bound to be sorted. Pick out that perfect Surliya, Kaanbali, and Jhaale to adorn your ears with the rich look that amplifies the elegance. Customise the regular Kundan jewellery and add a unique design with the help of a jewellery designer to make it the perfect piece.

Even if Kundan Jewellery was widely inspired from the Mughal Empire, nuances of meenakari have always prevailed in all designs. Crafted widely in every piece of jewellery, the Rajputana never shied away from using semi precious and precious stones in their inspirations. Designs have been classic. Nonetheless, it still doesn’t cease to be an all time favourite even among modern women.

Be it runways, fashion events or even Bollywood, everyone is inspired by the royalty heritage jewellery brings along with it. It is timeless and has never failed to add to the glamour quotient. For example, chokers have been a rage among millennials over the past years. Everyone believed that they had their time as they silently faded into oblivion. It was last year when chokers started appearing on runways all over the world. Evolution of chokers can be traced back to the Aad which was a priceless heirloom which was passed down through generations.

Be it a Tagdi or a Kardhani made out of polka or even Kundan, has evolved gradually from being an insignificant ornament to the most flaunted piece. Pair it up with that lehenga or just use it as the centre piece of your simple outfit, the intricacy never fails to amaze.

Move over the trinkets that are hardly visible. Add volume and grace to your persona with beautifully curated Anklets which double up as add ons for those stylish stilettos. Customise them with beads or slip ons which elevated the style quotient of your otherwise plain jewellery.

Heritage culture is rightly synonymous with grace. So what are you waiting for? Join that Jewellery designing course now!


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