How to be a Great Startup Entrepreneur While Raising Kids


In more ways than one, parenthood and entrepreneurship are quite similar. This is especially true when the business in still in its baby phase. Both endeavors overwhelmingly demand time, effort, and money. They will need your attention round-the-clock, and can drain you physically, mentally, and financially. With all that and more, it is common for anyone to think that one cannot juggle parenting and entrepreneurship at the same time and be successful in both. It will be either this or that, but never both.

Fortunately, juggling  both endeavors at the same time is actually very much possible. In fact, there are countless entrepreneurs who are quite successful in their business, while at the same time are consistent at being devoted and loving to their own bunch of kids. Having your own children to mind and tend to should not put off your dream to start and manage your own business.

If you are among those parents in Dublin who are working very hard to launch their businesses and be a great parent at the same time, here are some learnings you can resonate with.

Be willing to compromise

When you are launching or running a business, you would normally want to keep a schedule on many things work-related, if not all. However, since you have other important responsibilities, be flexible enough to willingly adjust you schedule to accommodate that can go in between when juggling with both endeavors. The thing is, if you are not willing to make compromises, your stress level could soar high up. And you would never want that to happen.

Accept what you cannot change

You may not be a control freak, but for sure, you want to maintain a low dose of control over your business and with your kids. However, different things of the same utmost importance can happen at the same time, out of the blue.One day, you may receive a call from a client over a glitch in your first project. While in the meeting, you receive a call from the school that you need to pick up your child and take to the doctor due to some medical emergency. Or your one and only employee has called in sick on the day of your kids’ first soccer game. You will either have to close your office for the whole day, or totally miss your child’s game. When you are able to accept that you have no control over all things that could happen with and around you, your business, and your kids, it will give you a clear and peaceful mind. Thus, you will be able to make wiser choices and your stress controlled.

Trust and delegate

Doing a one man show in managing a startup business and raising kids is definitely an impossible feat. There will be no doubt it will drive you insane. Being able to find support and help will take a huge load of burden off your shoulders and you will find yourself being able to work and think better. Remember that when you have too much on your plate, you will have a difficult time focusing on tasks and you will mostly likely end up doing everything half-cooked.

Prioritize family time

To work or not to work at home, that is the question. Many entrepreneurs find themselves tangled in this dilemma more than once. There are businessmen who would advise others to never bring work to the house to keep a healthy work-life balance. Some won’t bring their work laptops at home to be able to focus on the time they spend with their kids. However, there are a few who will claim that it is okay as long as they go about it without putting off quality time. Entripy Custom Clothing CEO Jas Brar found a way around that dilemma. He brings his work home, but only works when everyone has already dozed off. He does this, he says, so he does not miss out on anything. He is more than willing to sacrifice a portion of his sleep than to sacrifice the quality time spent with his kids.

Startup businesses and raising children are both like bottles teeming with challenge and difficulties, but the success in being able to handle both is more than fulfilling. The success of both lie on your willingness to take risks, determination to make both endeavors work, and your dedication to prioritize family life.

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