How to Drive Conversions with SEO


In the event that you are the present webmaster of any e-Commerce website you will have the understanding, to make out the challenges coming in your way with generating revenue and, traffic from search engine organic listings. This is the reason focusing on Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization teamed with, Pay Per Click (PPC) can enable previously flopping websites to be resuscitated and, sufficiently given life to become competitive with high conversion rates. Consequently, helping augment websites within the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

However, there are numerous nuts and bolts that must first be set up, for example, quality products and a website that can be viewed as simple and intuitive, with components that show signs of trust all through. Pairing this with proper SEO is essential to the success of driving high converting traffic to your business website. And, will also help your website to rank at the top positions within the search engine results page (SERP’s).

Can you make out whether SEO is helping overall conversion rate?

The starting step in making out whether or not your search engine optimization is driving your conversion rate is to check your present SEO. Spotting the needs of your site visitors is how you can figure out the conversion rate code. Not all visitors are here to purchase. It may be the objective, however it’s basically not the reality.

The concept can be elaborated further by classifying the website visitors into three categories – see, think, and do:

  • The biggest conceivable audience your site can have forms the “see” traffic
  • The viewers who are looking to buy forms the “think” traffic
  • The “do” traffic is certainly serious about purchasing something

By adopting these guiding principles, website owners can structure their content in accordance with what will ensure them a very good conversion rate. Also, by taking into account each one of these classes, rather than simply the “do” customers, you will immensely enhance your conversion rate.

Is your SEO in need of a check-up?

Put yourself in the visitors shoes, and ponder about the following:

  • Is the site user-friendly? Easy to navigate? Visually engaging?
  • Have you used varied kinds of content, for example, visual aids or videos? Is your content pertinent to consumers?
  • Does the website have a simple, uncluttered conversion process? (like a button that signs up users for a pamphlet? Simple checkout procedures?)
  • Did you cover the entire multichannel bases? Means, does your website function optimally on different devices?
  • Do you actively engage on social media sites?

On the off chance that you said no or are uncertain in regards to your response to any of these questions, you should seriously think about hiring a competent Boston digital marketing agency. Each one of these elements are crucial to the health of your search engine optimization.

Implement important basic SEO technical procedures

  • Starting with a clean and consistent website design that facilitates easy navigation to and between product pages; along with having breadcrumbs to enable visitors follow their path and, be able to return to any previous main page, can be highly useful. Make sure to take into consideration title tags that can be selected, for every product page and this should correlate with unique targeted keywords and key-phrases for every web page as well.
  • The heading tag is used as a metric within the search engines algorithm alongside the title tags as already mentioned, including the meta-keywords and description. These must be used adequately and targeted towards the products, that the website offers and what type of site it is. This furthermore incorporates images, that contain alt tags to allow search engine bots to ‘read’ the image.
  • To further help improve any e-Commerce website can be to, create a SEO friendly URL structure that minimizes the parameters commonly created when utilizing a dynamic website. Create every product with hyphens to differentiate each word, while implementing a clear structure with forward dashes between every main page. Doing so not only enables the customers to easily see the present location of the web page but, will also make it easier for customers to find the websites.
  • Ensuring that the users of your website feel safe while shopping on the internet is critical and can be quite easy to accomplish. Make sure you have in place a secure payment gateway that can be displayed visually with the logo of a website, that depicts a secure payment is accessible. This can be additionally improved by having client testimonials in the form of quotes or by adding reviews under every product, to allow the potential customers see the product are of top quality and if the services they received were great or not.


Furthermore, using PPC aligned with your existing search engine optimization can improve the likelihood of driving relevant and high converting traffic to your website.


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