4 Tips How to Handle Stress in An Emergency for physiotherapy patients

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Often injuries due to accidents, work-related stress, or traumatic events lead to various physical impairments which cannot be tackled without the involvement of a physiotherapist.

However, the work of a physiotherapist is far from easy. Numerous times these physiotherapists deal with patients who undergo severe stress and cannot be controlled easily.

In such situations, it’s vital to understand the tricks to handle stress for patients who are suffering from paranoia and anxiety. So, if you’re a newly trained physiotherapist wondering how to control emergency patients.

Here are few tips experts follow to deal with stressed patients –

  1. Keep calm

A patient who suffered previous trauma might be under severe physiological pain and be fearful of the treatment. Hence, he/she might throw a tantrum to prevent you from conducting the treatment.

The trick is to stay calm and reassure the patients. Do not get hyper and try to chastise the patient as this will lead to infuriating the patient more. Instead, try to talk in a pacifying tone to calm the patient.

  1. Try to study the reasons why the patient is stressed

The patient can be stressed due to a variety of reasons; he/she may be in pain, or he/she might have a wrong impression of the treatment. In that case, try to explain the treatment procedure and show empathy to the patient.

For example, often children throw tantrums during a treatment in fear of it hurting. Hence, explain them the procedure or distract them with stories to reduce their fear.

  1. Demonstrate on a person

Another perfect way to handle stress in patients is to demonstrate few treatment procedures on an individual.

Say, you have an assistant then use few physiotherapy techniques i.e. sports massage clear island waters on your peer to show your patients there is nothing fearful about the treatment. Once your patient visually notices that there is nothing to fear, his stress level will come down.

This will allow you to explain the treatment procedure with ease and alleviate any signs of stress.

  1. Stay confident

In case of stressful patient, do not show fear or distress. When a patient is undergoing flight or fight syndrome, he/she becomes extremely skeptical by nature. So, any sign of weakness or stress in the part of a physiotherapist results in amplifying the patient’s reaction to stress.

Moving on, apart from these above procedures, there are few other ways to handle stress in emergency patients

Distract them: Try indulging in conversation and use the assistance of a physiologist if needed to understand the patient’s mental condition better.

Be encouraging: A patient may be fearful owing to the facts like triggers. For example, car accident victim may show signs of trauma and face negative thoughts.

The trick is to calm the patient and be encouraging. Show him/her that you as a doctor have faith in your patient and believe in his/her ability to recover. Make sure your patient doesn’t lose hope and keep motivating him/her to not give up.

So, there you go, fellow physiotherapist, the above-mentioned procedures are sure-shot way to deal with emergency patients. So, give these a try, and have faith in your abilities as a doctor.


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