How To Increase Your Vertical Jump


If you don’t know how to increase your vertical jump fast, the top secret is to strengthen your primary core as well as increase your jumping power explosiveness. Just imagine the excitement and the thrill you can bring into your game when you prove your jumping ability in the breakaway dunks and blocking shots – that usually makes any game fun and also very exciting to watch.

When you’re learning on the tips to increase your vertical uplift fast, you should work on your leg muscles until they reduce in size. Well, as a matter of fact, the more fast twitch muscle fibers you will have, the higher you will jump, but this tip isn’t the only way to make you jump higher fast.

Have discipline on your workouts and eat a healthy diet

If you want to increase your vertical leap with no time, you should be very disciplined and focused in your training program and at the same time, you should ensure that you are feeding on a healthy diet. Proper or right dieting is very important as it ensures that you have all the carbohydrates and proteins that your body will require while undergoing your training activities.

Proteins are bodybuilding foods, thus your body will need them for your muscles to grow in case they get damaged when you are working out. If they are absent, all your efforts while in the gym will be of no help and you will be actually losing your muscle’s mass. Foods rich in proteins, for example, meat, beans, etc will, therefore, play an important role in your quest to attain a bigger vertical jump.

Try to work on quad strength

The best way to add on your quad strength by engaging in squat workouts. These workouts are very effective as they are similar to jumping exercises. While doing the squats, you should ensure that you are going as low as you can for you to increase the glute activation. For you to increase your jump fast and even further, you should do single-leg squats.

To achieve best results, you should be able to squat about one and a half times your body mass. When you are squatting, always try to split upward as fast as possible after completing the lowering phase. This will help in working your fast-twitch muscles that will, in turn, help you while in the upward exploding phase of the jump.

You should train on depth jumps

You should do the jumps by stepping off a box, then explode upwards upon landing on the surface. This workout helps in training your body on reaction time as well as activating your body muscles.

To achieve great results, you should master how to properly do the exercise. You should first stand on a box that is about six to eight inches off the surface and then steps off. Upon touching the surface, you should then jump as high as possible, reaching your hands over the head. After which, you should land smoothly in an athletic way and then repeat the entire process.

For ideal outcomes, you should perform at least three sets of three reps. You should always consider increasing the sets as you are getting used to this exercise.

Ensure that you polish jumping skills

Apart from building your muscles, you should polish your jumping techniques by ensuring that you don’t utilize your hands. While jumping, always maintain your arms glued to the sides as it ensures that all the power is generated from your limbs.

These are great tips on how to increase your vertical jump fast. Remember, amount fat present in your body will greatly affect the ability to perform excellent vertical uplifts. If you have an excess body weight, you should try slimming down by adding cardio workouts to your routine.

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