How To Pick A Perfect Tops For You?


A Top can be the most comfortable and easy to wear cloth for you, but only if you have chosen the right one for you. It is important for you to make sure that your Top is getting perfectly matched with your jeans or trousers. Below few tips are mentioned that can help you to decide which Top is right for you to wear.

Consider your body type

It doesn’t matter what your size is, you should always select a piece of a Top which perfectly compliment your body type. Always consider your comfort first, you need not wear tight Tops to look slim or lose Tops to look healthy. There is no standard for the beauty that you should abide. Find out what is best for you and take its full advantage. For example – if you want to wear a black and white Tops, just go for it, but make sure it goes best with your personality.

Exposure in a right way

Women Tops are available in the variety of styles shape and size. Make sure whatever you wear looks good on you and you are comfortable in it anyhow.  For example – if you are comfortable with cut sleeves Tops, but not with deep neck, then you can go for the Tops that have regular cut neck and have the minimum or average sleeves. If you think that your legs are the most attractive feature of your body, then you can go for baggier Tops which can beautiful your legs.

Consider the message

Whether you like it or not, but your wardrobe always sends a message. You might feel more comfortable in skin-tight and low cut Tops which exposes well your midriff. You might be perceived in a different way than a woman that prefers to wear basic and conservative Tops which downplay any part of the body. There is no bad or good decision.  It is just a message that you want to send.

Consider logo and design

It doesn’t matter that which kind of Tops you choose, the design and logo on your Tops can have a great impact on your personality.  A woman that has sports logo on her Tops will always be perceived differently than the woman having Hello Kitty design on her Tops. Again, your decision can never be categorized as wrong or right as this is the only message you want to send.


“It is very hard to move forward in Tops education without having an acknowledgment of changing fashion trends across the world” the given statement can be applied to the trend of Tops. Style of your Tops and the way you wear it is very much dependent upon the current fashion trend.  Today, skin-tight Tops might be in a fashion but who knows what will be the latest trend in the upcoming week. It can be cut into sleeves or fringe. So always stay updated with the latest trend of the market to look fashionable and trendy all the time.

Though, there is no hard and fast rule when it is about the trend of Tops. If you like the trend and you are comfortable with it, then go and wear it. At last, you always dress to impress yourself. It is necessary to stay updated about the latest trend being followed in the market, but following that trend is not so important. If you are not comfortable with the latest trend being followed in the market, then ignore it and wear whatever you like.

 Yes, it is important that you should consider the current trend of Tops, but always maintain a classy look. Your classy look will never go out of style. The basic classy looks are crew neck Tops or black and white women Tops.

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