How to Save Your Tyres from a Blowout During Summer


Summer season requires motorists to take care of their vehicle more than any other time of the year. As the summer seasons makes your vehicle work harder and makes it a bit vulnerable too. Car tyres become more vulnerable in places where summers are very harsh as compared to other areas of the world. Which means, that proper care and maintenance is required to keep their car tyres in the best condition and prevent the risk of a blowout.

In countries like UAE, the intense heat affects the car tyres more than any other part of the vehicle. Sub-standard and ill-maintained car tyres are prone to a blowout on road and could be fatal too. Here we have some pro tips for car owners to aware them of how to maintain car tyres in the summer seasons and reduce the potential risks attached to ill-maintained tyres

Car Tyre Maintenance Tips During Summer

Summer season is the most challenging time for vehicles, and if your vehicle is old then there are many risks attached to it. Here we give some essential tips to keep your car tyres work best and reduce the chances of a blowout.

Air PressureMonitor

In latest vehicles, the Air Pressure Monitor system comes as a standard feature and is indeed very helpful in the time when intense heat hits your vehicle and affects the tyre. Otherwise, you can keep an eye and regularly check the air pressure of your vehicle’s tyres. It is advised by the car experts to check tyre air pressure daily and keep them properly inflated.

Timely Rotate Car Tyres

Car tyre rotation is meant to balance the wear of all tyres and keep the wear and tear of all four tyres equal. The front tyres wear and tear more as compared to rear tyres and thus rotating rear tyres with front tyres after every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres prevents from premature wear. This practice also helps to keep the car tyres lasts longer.

Inspecting the Tyre Tread

Just like a properly inflated tyre, the tread depth of tyre also matters a lot to prevent from a tyre blowout. A poor tread means your car’s tyre is vulnerable to a blowout and if not changed timely it could lead to a most unlikely situation which could be fatal as well. The best way to gauge the tyre tread is to use the “Penny Test” and gauge the tyre tread depth.

Penny Test: Place the coin between tyre tread and ribs. If you can completely see the symbol on the coin it means the tyre tread depth is less than 2/32 and it is the time to replace it. It is the most common way of gauging the tyre depth.

Wheels and Axels Alignment

Properly aligned wheels and axels prevent and protect the car tyres from wear and also enhances the fuel efficiency of car tyres. If your car tyres are not aligned properly, then they can damage the bearings and car tyres also. This leads to reducing the life of your car tyres and effects the driving performance as well. Keep a check on the alignment of axles and wheels and during summers maintain them properly. This trick will reduce the risk of a blowout and will enhance car tyres’ lifespan too.

Use Good Quality and Right Tyres

Good quality tyres do not mean to be expensive, thus choosing the right and good quality tyres is a must for your vehicle. Low-quality car tyres wear and tear quickly and have the risk of blowouts during summers. Also, it is necessary to understand that in which weather what car tyres should be used in your vehicle. Using the wrong, ill-maintained and bad quality car tyres have a possible risk of a blowout and also give a bad performance. For instance, using winter tyres in summer and summer tyres in winter will not give a good performance as well. Also, old and bad quality car tyres are at the risk of a blowout in intense heat and also causes more fuel consumption.


When buying cars for cash or going for an option like we buy cars for cash, it is necessary that you maintain your vehicle in a good condition to get the best price. Car owners in the UAE realise that their vehicles suffer a lot in intense warm weather and when reselling their used car, it is necessary to keep their car in good condition. If your car’s tyres are not in good condition then be honest with the buyer and tell them about the possible fixes as well.

Finding the right car tyre is not very difficult, and using the good quality tyre in your budget can save you from many hassles in future. Thus, one must opt ways through which their car tyres’ lifespan could increase and give better performance. After all car tyres are one of the essential part of your car and thus needs to be well maintained.


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