How To Wear An Iwb Holster Comfortably?


In order to carry the weapons appropriately, the IWB holster is considered to be one of the easiest yet effective ways for concealed carry provided with a perfect designing and structure. Usually, sliding the weapon in and taking it out rapidly is not an easy job. There are various things to consider before operating and utilizing a weapon.

In this guide, we are going to present some important tips on how to wear an Iwb holster comfortably? How to adjust it? And how to use the dial option in the IWB holster?

A guide on how to wear an Iwb holster comfortably?

Generally, the process of installing holster mainly depends on the design of the product you are using. For instance, some holsters can be easily installed whereas others are structured in a way that they are only used for sliding it in the waistband. However, the latter case has not proven to be effective enough in holding the weapon as it put a lot of weight in a particular area. So if you are looking out for the top-class holster then what is better than going for IWB holster? Although it is a bit tricky to install the same, it manages the weight of the pistol easily and spread the weight in a comparatively larger area. Here are the steps to fasten the IWB holster easily:

  1. Unfasten your belt following waist tab and waist button
  2. Slide the holster at the back of your waistband and adjust the same unless you notice the right carry position.
  3. Adjust the belt clips cited above your belt
  4. Fix the waistband and belt tightly.

This way you can put on IWB holster. However, to insert gun in the same you might require to slightly adjust the IWB holster rotating the dials of it but it’s not a big deal. Once you install the holster appropriately, it becomes quite easy to put in the pistol.

How to adjust IWB holster for concealed carry?

Sometimes, you might need to adjust the holster inside the waistband before putting in the firearm. In order to ascertain if your holster is installed too tightly or too loose, put on the firearm and examine if it easily gets into the holster. If you can’t insert and take out the pistol easily then you have to adjust the holster. Generally, the IWB holster can be adjusted using the Allen wrench. The dial can be rotated to free and loosen the hex bolts. Similarly, for the people opting for ShapeShift 4.0 IWB holster, utilize the twist lock nut to make the holster tight or lose.


This way you can install the IWB holster inside the waistband and insert the firearm easily. It is recommended to avoid inserting the loaded gun in the holster especially if you a beginner in this field. Apart from this, try installing the holster in front of the mirror and go through the manufacturer’s instruction prior to inserting the pistol in the same.

So what are you waiting for? Get the IWB holster, adjust it until you feel comfortable wearing it, and experience the benefits.


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