How To Wear Wedding and Engagement Ring Set


Wedding and engagement rings are the foremost common jewelry; but sadly, many people do not know how to way to wear them. To guide you here are ways in which on the way to wear the bands:

Matching bands

If the marriage and engagement diamond wedding ringsare matching, you must wear them on a regular basis. Before the marriage you must wear the ring on the third finger of the left.

On the day of the marriage you must move the ring on the left hand to the guts. Historically, this is often thought-about to be the proper hand; thus, on the marriage day you must move the ring to the third finger of the proper hand.

After the marriage, you must move the engagement band to the third finger of the left in order that it’s on the surface of the marriage band.

Non-matching bands

Since the wedding ring set and the engagement ring setare completely different, you must not wear them on constant hand. The proper means of carrying the bands is swing the marriage ring on the third finger of the left and therefore the ring on the hand and finger of your selection.

This means that you are just favoring the band on either the right or left. You’ll conjointly wear the ring on any finger that you just need.

Before the marriage day, you must wear the ring on the third finger of the left hand; but, on the marriage day you must move the band to your manus. Once the ceremony you must wear the engagement band into the proper guard and wear it on constant finger because of the wedding band.

Unlike wedding bands, these bands typically do not have commonplace settings or stones and their actual composition depends on the choice of the giver.

If your husband decides to provide you 18-20 caret eternity ring, you must wear it on the third finger of the left. This implies that you just ought to wear it beside the marriage and engagement bands. If the 2 bands are too wide, you’ll wear the eternity band on the other finger of your selection.

How To Opt for the Right Set For You

Cheap engagement rings return a protracted means, which implies that the diamond wedding rings have become a part of the makeup. The ring definitely gives the impression of an emblem of binding commitment than a romantic one within the starting. To be able to opt for the best betrothal bauble for the one that you love, you need to first inform yourself with the various cuts and shapes because the very little details on each is what makes your ring a cut higher than the remainder.

First off, you’ve got the marquise cut that is oval, with pointed ends. Then there is the cushion cut, that is additionally referred to as the “antique cut” attributable to its vintage quality and one that’s simply distinguished by its pillow form. There is conjointly the emerald cut with its rectangular corners and long, stair-like aspects and its relative the Escher cut then sq. it’s nearly polygonal shape.

Of course, let’s not forget the foremost widespread of all, the blue blood cut that could be a good square stone and therefore the second most well liked, the spherical cut that has 58 aspects, creating it the foremost sparkling of the bunch. For the ultra-romantic at bottom, there’s the un-subdivided that’s virtually a diamond within the form of a heart and last and positively not the smallest amount, the pear cut that has the additional bonus of creating your finger look long and slender after you wear it with the purpose facing off from your body.

The next issue to contemplate once selecting your diamond rings is that the four metal – cut, clarity, color and carat. Contrary to widespread belief, a diamond’s cut does not simply confer with the form of the stone, however, to the diamond’s reflective qualities. Ideally, the sunshine that travels through the diamond ought to be mirrored upwards to form the foremost good sparkle. Deep-cut diamonds don’t seem to be what you must opt for if sparkle is what you wish as a result of these cuts do not permit the sunshine to achieve back and up to the highest and replicate back to the attention which implies it’s the smallest amount sparkle.

Clarity on the opposite hand, refers to the blemishes (flaws on the stone) and inclusions (flaws at intervals the stone). Every diamond is given a clarity grade by a valid organization. Whereas you’ll take perfect diamonds, they’re improbably rare and little inclusions will really be a decent issue as a result of it helps determine your stone and makes it distinctive. Stones within them may vary, however, ought to be avoided altogether.

Carat is in fact, the diamond’s weight and not its size. This is often solely a minor thought as there are different a lot of necessary attributes of the diamond that you just ought to contemplate like color. Color is the absence of tints within the diamonds, sanctionative a lot of lightweight to go through the stone, creating it sparkle a lot of. It’s necessary to recollect that carat weight, beside a coffee color grade isn’t a right away reflection of price. If you’re looking on a budget, you’ll choose to downgrade in quality particularly if size could be a concern. Shopping for a 95-point diamond can price you but shopping for a full carat, however, once the stone is about, you will not be able to tell the distinction. Constant goes for after you get an oversized stone with a coffee color grade. It’s all essentially simply a matter of non-public preference.

And last, however, not the smallest amount, you may have to be compelled to opt for the right setting for your ring. Other newer settings embody the cluster setting, wherever the central diamond is flanked by smaller ones, the gypsy setting wherever the stones are ruined into holes so that they are flushed with the ring’s surface, the bar setting, wherever every stone is separated by metal bars and therefore the shared projection, wherever the adjacent diamonds share prongs.


The most necessary things to recollect once selecting your engagement rings is that one, you do not got to limit yourself to brick and mortar jewelry stores, you’ll choose to style your own ring and third, your major thought ought to be what your woman love likes. The great news is that you just will do of these on-line, that not solely offers you the widest vary of choices to settle on from, it conjointly encourages your creative thinking the purpose that you just are going to be able to produce distinctive, engagement rings that not solely promise to provide you the most effective recollections, however also will last a period of time and a lot of.

The whole extra point of all is to provide her one thing that may build her bear in mind you and the way abundant you’re keen on her and wish to pay the remainder of your life along with her.


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