Why all-on-4 implants for your missing teeth?

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Replacing missing teeth has gone a big change over the years. Once, dentures were the only option but the scenario has changed a lot. These days, dental implants are easily the most favored replacement option around for myriad advantages they have over traditional options. They are painless in nature even if a surgery is required for the replacement purpose. Even with dental implants, there are several types and your dentist may recommend you the one that suits your problem and dental conditions the best. The All-on-4 implants are a type that are in demand for the kind of benefits they bring to patients.

Here are reasons to go for all-on-4 dental implants for replacing your missing teeth –

1. They require only four implants per jaw

Getting a full-mouth implants with the help of traditional method mean there will be a requirement of 8-10 implants per jaw. The same however is not the case with the all-on-4 method where just four implants are needed. Even if patients have lower bone density, such cases may only involve five to six implants on the upper jaw. This clearly shows how the technique is revolutionary in true sense which makes its popular among people plagued with missing teeth.

2. Fit also for patients with bone loss

Most dental implant procedures are not considered fit for patients who have experienced bone loss. To them, the first step is to get a bone graft and then become eligible for implants. And you should know that bone graft is not only a costly procedure but also lengthy in nature. However, such people can benefit from the all-on-four technique where rear implants are not inserted vertically and rather placed at a certain angle. This makes the procedure revolutionary in genuine sense.

3. A single day procedure

Traditional implant procedures are extremely lengthy and may take six months or more to finish. They require a good recovery time at each step of the way, making all the procedure time-consuming in true sense. On the other hand, all-on-4 implants can be finished in a single day itself. You can expect them to be implanted and fitted in a single way itself and for that reason, they are also known as same day teeth procedure.

4. Short recovery time

All-on-4 implants have gained popularity for having a shorter recovery time that traditional methods. The procedure is completed within a day and patients don’t require many days for recovery. Your dentist will go ahead and place the implants on the same day of extraction which is not the case with other option for missing teeth replacement. This is why people who are concerned about time find the procedure immensely beneficial.

5. A stable structure to support crowns and bridges

Dental implants have changed the way teeth replacement are done. Since they are embedded within the jaw bone to work as the tooth root, it does never pose any issue in placing a prosthesis on the tooth. In the same manner, all-on-4 implants ensure a stable and comfortable to support the crows and bridges placed over the teeth. This is how they are seen as an ideal way to replace the missing teeth.

6. Don’t slip or fall out

With dentures, there is always a risk of the structure slipping or falling out of the place. This keeps the patient unsettled for all time. Implants however are fixed in place and one is not required to remove them for cleaning. They don’t pose any fitting issues as other replacement options do, which is the major reason behind their popularity. Once they are fitted and implanted, you are rest assured of having something that resembles and works like your natural teeth in all conditions and on all days.

7. Cheaper than traditional technique

When it comes to teeth replacement, cost is always a consideration. Implants are indeed the costliest of the available options but the investment is worth because the longevity and results they offer. In the same way, your all on 4 option will be cheaper than traditional techniques that require 8-10 implants. For that reason, patients should consult a top long island cosmetic dentist and choose this technique over others and get their teeth replaced in a perfect and desired manner.


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