Importance of the marriage certificate translation

marriage certificate

Today, our societies are becoming multicultural and even “multinational.” Why? Thanks to the disappearance of more and more barriers between countries, which increase the immigrations. As a result, people mix up, friendships and couples are created. If any of these couples want to get married, they would probably do so in the country of the non-Spanish member. Or, even, someone may have been married before. Most likely, they would ask you for a copy of your marriage certificate translated (the sworn translation, of course). In this article, we are going to tell you what a marriage certificate translation is and what it is for.

The marriage certificate

As expected, it is a civil status document. It shows the act of marriage and includes information on it, such as the place, date and time.

There are several types of the marriage certificate. It can be “extract” (which is a summary of the information that appears in the Civil Registry or “literal” (the full copy of the marriage registration).

The sworn translations of these documents

Whether it is a marriage certificate or another type of document, it is necessary to resort to the sworn translation, if it is not in Spanish. It will be valid as long as they are carried out by a sworn translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Another option is to request a multilingual certificate if the country belongs to the signatories of the Vienna Convention of September 8, 1976.



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