Injustice Against Women


Injustice Against Women Isn’t A Myth, It’s True And It’s Dangerous!!!

Every year on 8Th March, we celebrate international women’s day in order to honour the women for their accomplishments and also to raise awareness about the injustices that are still occurring against them. But, all this is in vein, because even after years of appreciating women and providing them recognition for being the nurturer, there are many out there, who carry out wrong deeds and injustice against the women. On a daily basis, we come across news related to killing, kidnapping, domestic violence, rape, harassment and many more crimes. It is shameful to see that we still lack humanity and are unable to provide the women the respect they deserve. 

A woman plays many roles from being a loving daughter to a caring mother, she is the one who makes your house a home and if they are suppressed by the society, then there won’t be any society in the coming years. The women around the world sacrifices a lot of their freedom and opportunities, just to stay safe all the time. But, have you ever thought why this only happens with the girls and why they face discrimination by all. The facts have proved that the injustice is not limited to any place or country, it is everywhere, like in Saudi Arabia women can’t drive, in the US there is a wide pay gap between the salaries of men and women, in Lesotho, women are restricted ownership of the land and many more instances are there and there is no end.

We must know that all this inequality and injustice is because somewhere down we ignore this. It’s high time now and we need to take the responsibility for this. We all should come together and interrupt the cycle of violence and discrimination against women. Only our words and actions could help us in shaping a better future. Don’t wait, don’t waste time, don’t be patient till the injustice happens with a woman you know, act now, otherwise the day isn’t far when the society would harm our daughter, wife, mother or any girl we admire or love.

Never forget that a woman is the one who is all and all is in her and without her this world would be nothing. Stand up against the wrong, as only we can bring the difference and no one else.


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