5 Instagram Trends Changing the Industry in 2018


Social media has over taken the entire world, for the purpose of social interaction and entertainment. But with the time, objective of social media has evolved towards business and marketing significantly. Instagram, being one of the most widely used social media platform is one of the source of effective marketing, bringing in consumers and spreading the demand of products and services worldwide. Businesses, small or large scale, seek for the best place to buy Instagram followers so that more people can witness the products and services they have to offer, and this methodology has its impact. Here are some of the trends of Instagram changing the industry in 2018.

Convenient business via Insta stories:

Most of the social media platforms have similar features like stories, but Instagram has been proving to be more favorable comparatively for sellers, business and brands. One of the most trending methodology affecting the industry in 2018 is through Instagram shopping. This feature lets the brands to add their links on Instagram through which they are able to sell their products online, on a social media platform. Customers get satisfied as the pictures of products are uploaded with details in the description, all they need to do is click on the link and they’d get started with the ordering procedure.

Sharing and regramming:

Social media was introduced so that people could interact freely with each other, sharing their opinions and highlighting other people’s content and post as well. But this methodology was not followed by Instagram as it’s a way to earn for social media influencers and celebrities. Which is why there is a unique system of sharing content on Instagram known as regramming. Several brands share other people’s content such as Weber Grills, Vans and World Market, but through the process of regramming, brands will be able to share content with other people’s consent and without crossing any unethical barrier.

Advertisements, more advertisements:

As we have been noticing increase rate of organic advertisements on Instagram, it is expected to increase further more. Since every brand on Instagram know about the limitation of organic advertisements, the industry is changing towards Instagram advertisement to buy active Instagram followers, and have a good amount of audience to witness their advertisements, greater than the reach of organic advertisements. Not only the industry is getting a source of effective marketing but also can present their products and services in a better way.

Automation posting:

Automation has been proven to be a very beneficial and helpful tool on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter, and it is not surprising that Instagram is next to use this tool. Automation lets you to schedule your posts and response on business profiles, enabling brands to entertain their customers and viewers conveniently. Since Instagram has taken a big step towards brand advertisement, this tool has been a blessing for brands, offering customer service delicately.

More advancement in Augmented Reality:

Probably one of the most exciting and fun feature on Instagram is Augmented reality. The cute doggie ears, geeky sunglasses and sleeping masks has overtaken the users significantly, and brands were smart enough to notice that. Now that Snapchat promote different brands with their filters, same thing goes for Instagram, and we can expect a whole lot of featured filters with different brands as advertisements on Instagram is skyrocketing.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platform, and the team was smart enough to take advantage of that. All business and brands want is their name to be spread all across the world from marketing perspective, and that’s what Instagram offers them greatly. Not only the platform is taking over the marketing industry but also let them to sell their products online, eventually serving the industry their purpose from every aspect.


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