Tips to Integrate Material Designs in Android Apps

Material Designs in Android Apps

UI is an integral part of each mobile app. If your app has engaging features but lacks in UI quality then there are very fewer chances that users will admire it. Thus it is really necessary to create app UI that attracts user attention and engage them. Android Material Design is an essential part of UI designing and android app development to make your app more compelling. There are many new things introduced in Material design like new widgets, Material Theme, vector drawables, custom shadows, and custom animations.

If you are about to start your Android app development project, then you must be aware of the appropriate tactics to effectively integrate Material design in your app. The material design makes your app look beautiful, bold as well as attracts more and more users. There are a number of aspects and features that you must take into account while designing your Android app with Material designs. Even the best Android app development company sometimes unaware of the amazing features of material design or don’t know how to implement them in their Android apps. Here we are suggesting some best tips to use Material designs in your Android app successfully.

Add Floating Action Button

If you need to add any call to action button, then FAB is the best alternative in material design that you can go for. It is a colored circular button that floats over the entire content. Since the elevation of FAB is high, it also covers all other contents of your app. If you think that it’s gone be difficult for you to integrate FAB with your Android app then don’t worry, as Android Studio has an inbuilt feature of FAB. However, the way of implementation depends on which the Android Studio version you are working. The elevation and size of FAB are standard, which are in between 40 to 56dp diameters. The elevation is usually kept between 6dp, which increases up to 12dp when it is pressed.

Use Color Palettes Creatively

Material design offers color pallets and a color tool in order to design your app UI easily and swiftly. Colors are what make your app striking. Material design color palettes can distinguish elements for an instance it can inform whether a fruit is ripe or not. It also assists the users to prioritize the things, for example, attractive and bold colors are assigned to the necessary elements and less attractive colors are used for the elements which are less important.

Make Layouts with Elevations

When you select material design layouts make sure to follow material design guidelines. Using elevations you can create shadows in material design which is the first step in the process of selecting the layout of the Android app. To locate elevation in surfaces, you can use android: elevation attribute. Note that higher the elevation you set more will be the impact of the shadow cast.

Use of Primary and Secondary Colors

For any Android app development or design, it is necessary to use primary and secondary colors intelligently. Primary color is generally the color exhibited most commonly in your components and screen. It is always suggested to select a primary color that represents your personality or brand.  You can use this color in the app bar and make your application identifiable. You can also use various shades to give distinction between elements.

A secondary color is used to highlight various elements of your UI. They are more saturated colors designed to impel attention to a certain element like a FAB. Generally, secondary colors are well used for progress bars, selection controls, sliders, text fields, cursors, text selection, links, headlines, floating action buttons, and button text.

 Further color can be used to create a hierarchy, for an instance, app bars with bright color make an app to stand unique.

Scroll Events

Scrolling is one of the vital aspects of Material design. The bulk of the Google’s material depends on the Coordinator layout design which you can implement by exploring different ways. Scrolling effect utilizes the expanding and collapsing toolbar that gives a great effect to your Android apps.

UI design is one of the crucial Android App Development Services that need extra attention and skills. Material design fulfills all the requirements of App designing and produces absolutely appealing interfaces having the aptitude to catch user attention at first glance.


 If you want to best utilize Material designs for your next Android app then ensure to collaborate with the best Android app development company that knows how to best use all the Material design components and make your app user engaging. Are you in the search of such company? Then your search ends here. We are recognized for our top-notch Android app development services that essentially include the Android app designing in which we have gained immense expertise. Get in touch with us to discuss your Android app development requirements.

Author Bio: Paresh Sagar is the CEO of Excellent Webworld , IoT, Web and Mobile App Development Company that helps startups and enterprises to enable mobility solution. He’s an avid blogger and writes on all the latest technology trends.


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