Master These 7 Cool Ways to Tie a Scarf


A scarf is a great accessory for women’s fashion as it can liven up a dull outfit. A boring t-shirt with a great silk scarf can transform the outfit, making it all the more vibrant. Fashionable silk scarves seem to be a great option for a bad dress day just as a chic bun acting a rescuer for a bad hair day. There are a gazillion ways to wear a scarf alike various patterns, colors, fabrics and much more.

Fastening a scarf around your nape can make your attire have a lustrous look and act as a facile chic accessory, which one can wear around the year. Kerchief tying is a dexterity that is accomplished with the appropriate visual guide. There are innumerable websites to acquire women silk scarves online and propose to deliver an extensive variety of vibrant products.

There are some cool girl ways to master scarf tying in no time, with a little devotion and skill. The golden rule is yes, there is no wrong way to wear fashionable silk scarfs:

  • The Axl Rose:

The Axl Rose is a perfect way to tie a scarf in summers like a short bandana that covers the maximum of your forehead. A small to medium-sized scarf can be picked to use as a headdress or a hair tie, which can enhance a more womanly essence and casing over your long locks giving you a rock star look topped with a pair of aviators, boots, and leather jacket.

  • The Cape Style:

Wearing a flimsy blanket scarf around your neck as a cape is a boundless fashion panache. Wearing a scarf over a tank top on a hot summer afternoon not only adds to the style statement but also protects you from the sun. All that you have to do is fold the scarf into a triangle, hang over your shoulders and yet another chic silk scarves Cyclades space purple, a flawless addition to your wardrobe.

  • The Neckerchief:

The smaller ones have now outdated the big fluffy scarves that not only keep you warm yet giving your attire an astonishing accent. The mini and the small squares are the best, which are most recommended for women with long necks and defined jaws. Wearing a scarf with a front knot adds all the way attractive with a fun attitude when you want to look still bossy, in this chilly weather. A Leo Orange and a Pink Silk Scarf is re-imagined to modernity when gifted to special ones and be wrapped closely around your neck.

  • The Oscar Wilde:

This scarf style has come into bearing after the name of the English writer Oscar Wilde, considered as the best-dressed man. This scarf is tied as a huge fleecy bowtie around the neck and is usually worn with gowns.

  • The Psychedelic Esmeralda:

Vintage scarves have always been an indispensable part of the woman’s closet for centuries. A bandana head-wrap is a bright star print silk scarf, which has the power to upgrade the plain outfit, saves from a bad hair day adding a layer of warmth giving a retro rock star look.

Tip: Simply, use a square scarf and fold it diagonally pairing it with denim and sneakers.

  • A Sarong:

A sarong is the most versatile wardrobe piece with unique patterns and colors. Sarongs are propagated as swimwear and beachwear around the world. Sarong as a scarf is a chic summertime addition that is light and moveable. This can also be worn to a party tied with the trinket or a pin to keep it in place. The sarong may be put on as a One Shoulder Grecian, a Harem Romper or as a Keyhole Halter.

  • Wild Cactus Scarf:

A soft and delicate cotton scarf, which has a wild all-over cactus print can be a suitable choice for all climates and the prints adorn your basic tee with a vision of natural comfort, which can be worn during shopping, at a beach or at an off-the-cuff breakfast date, wild cactus scarf serves all essentials.

Scarves are stylish and add appeal and stylishness to your look shielding your skin from sun, dirt, heat and much other affluence. It does not matter how you wear it, these silk scarves enhance the coolest flair to your unexceptional appearances.


  1. I was always looking for new different ways I use my scarves! Thanx for the article! Btw… I loved the Leo and Orange Pink Scarf! <3


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