More & Less Common Uses of Fake IDs – Why Would You Need One?


When you look around your teenage friends, it seems that everyone owns a fake ID. Some of your friends can enter bars and clubs while being way under the legal drinking age, while others can easily buy six-packs in a supermarket without facing any problems at all. If you ask them about their fake IDs, they’ll give out a simple, yet vague answer – “a friend”. Some people use their older siblings’ IDs, while others have their pictures on fake IDs.

While using a fake ID can get you in trouble theoretically, it’s worth noting that up to 30% of all people have used one at some point. Most commonly, fake IDs are used to enter clubs or bars, especially during social events or concerts. However, their uses go way further than that.

Getting Some Discounts

As a student, you benefit from a series of discounts – the local canteen, museums, concerts, shows and so on. Sometimes, you might get in for free. It’s one of the best things in college. However, once you’re done studying, your expenses skyrocket. You’re used to a particular lifestyle; only its costs are way higher now. Forget about 50% discounts or free entries. One day you’re enjoying half-price concert tickets and discounted burgers, and then you’re paying full price for pretty much everything.

You don’t need to learn how to make a fake ID but just buy one. A professional b can turn you into a student again. No one’s going to check which college or university you study in. As long as you display the ID, chances are you can go back to your initial lifestyle at least for a few years. Even if you already have a job or you haven’t been to college, you’ll still appreciate these sweet perks that come with a fake ID.

Entering Bars & Clubs

This is by far the main reason wherefore more and more youngsters opt for fake IDs. Chances are you have tried alcohol before, even if you don’t have the legal drinking age. Then why not boost your social life and go out sometimes? Fake identification can open the door for you. You want to go out with your friends, attend social events and clubbing nights. After all, what’s the point of those student nights if most students can’t take advantage of them? Moreover, having some friends over for a barbecue asks for alcohol, hence the necessity of fake identification. From many points of view, a fake ID is pretty much as useful as a push-up bra or a fake beard.

Make sure you learn all the details on the ID, as some bouncers and cashiers will choose to challenge and quiz you. Most commonly, they’ll ask for your date of birth or postcode.

When do Elders Use Fake IDs?

While most people learning how to make a fake ID are youngsters, chances are even some elders use fake identification for a series of reasons. There are no age restrictions when it comes to this industry. But then, elders can do pretty much everything they want. They have no restrictions. So, why would they rely on a badge maker? Easy! Entering an under-50’s scrabble contest or an under-60’s table tennis tournament can be challenging. You might think that wrinkles and gray hair bring wisdom, but they’ll still have to “feed” your inner child.

Of course, there are far less elders using fake IDs than youngsters, but don’t be surprised. Having a little fun every once in a while implies breaking the rules.

What not to do with Fake IDs?

While fake IDs do have a series of benefits, they are still illegal. If they don’t look like real IDs, they’re fine. However, they become nothing but toys then. You need to understand the rules of this industry then. If you use a fake ID for personal reasons, no one’s going to have a problem with you. You can use it to enter a club, buy some beer or attend a concert. The effects of doing all these at a fresh age will only impact your life. It’s a personal choice that won’t get you in trouble.

Things change when you risk another people’s safety though. For example, it’s highly contraindicated to use fake identification to rent a car. The situation is even more severe when attempting to buy a firearm. At this point, you put other people’s lives at risk.

In the end, fake IDs make a good industry and have a good market. Use your fake ID responsibly, and you should have no problems whatsoever.


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