Myths about Social Media that Incapacitate Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing

“Social media is about the people, not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you”-Matt Goulart

The internet has once again proved it is a place where all things are made possible.

Apart from online shopping to bridging gaps in communication, it has since then been used as a tool as an avenue for marketing. Since its inception, creative innovators have found ingenious ways to market their businesses online. But today, with the rise and popularity of social media platforms, marketing strategy is no longer constrained to ad campaigns and business websites. Modern advancements and contemporary technological developments have transformed how marketing is done. Consequently, if an entrepreneur possessed sound business acumen, he or she would know that in order to bring the business into its fullest potential, its marketing strategy needs to function in conjunction with social media marketing. However, it is not enough to simply partner up with a digital marketing agency and just wait for your business to take off on its own on social media. After all, you would still need to refine and improve your process to see any significant change.

Like any other marketing strategy, social media requires dedicated hard work, quite a lot of trials and errors and continuous research. In any case, if you have found your social media marketing strategies and campaigns to be failing, it might be because of the misconceptions surrounding it. These misconceptions can be incredibly debilitating to your marketing campaign if you continue believing in them.

While it might be hard to discuss the workings of social media all in one article, starting with the erroneous beliefs as regarding it would be an excellent start.

  • Social media is a sales tool

While social media is an avenue for sales as well as marketing, it should not be construed in that sense alone. Sure, if you want to get technical then it can be seen that way if properly managed and utilized. However, do not make the mistake of thinking of it as solely an entity wherein you can exploit to simply pitch your products, services or announcements and funnel in more sales for your business. To illustrate, you would not want to log in to Facebook and see ads alone, would you? You socialize, network and look for riveting content. In this regard, while your content should aim to drive sales, it should not be so sales-focused that people will simply ignore your messaging.

  • Likes and followers are what MATTERS

Sure, the numbers speak for themselves and this myth has a semblance of truth to it. However, it does not mean that you should leverage your number of likes and followers just to give your business and edge over your competitors. Social media’s value is somewhat abstract in a sense that the higher the number of likes and followers you have does not necessarily correlate with your campaigns success. Take note: Not everyone who likes your brand actually does like your brand and your followers may not even read a single thing from you.

  • Social media is a necessity, not a route for new customers

As social media platforms are seen as cesspools of prospective customers and clients, some novice entrepreneurs view social media as a must in modern marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, a presence in social media alone would not suffice. If you did nothing with it, your brand is not likely to take off. If you wish to be successful, it is imperative that you actively post regularly in order to stay relevant. A consistent update is required if you wish your brand to be recognized.

  • Social media is an independent strategy

Social media marketing is not its own independent strategy in a sense that it could function on its own. To launch a successful campaign, a myriad of other factors are involved. A strong brand gets you recognized, compelling content ensures you have something interesting to post and an excellent website allows any traffic you generate to potentially convert to sales. Do not think of social media as a lone entity as it is just one aspect of the entire process.

  • Scheduled posts will do work for me

Some businesses would schedule their posts to favor other work tasks. This is probably because social media work is a low priority. While this is not necessarily wrong, it should not be a substitute for logging on and posting and real time. Remember, social media capitalizes on interaction and you would certainly need that engagement. It is called “social “media for a reason which means you have to interact with your followers. Do not let the communication be one way and listen to your audience as well.


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