Online Shopping –Yay Or Nay?


The world today is going through a radical change. Due to rapid growth of technology everything ischanging to digital. From news articles to food recipes, from tuitions to even yoga classes. Hence, there is no surprise that people nowadays prefer to shop online. It helps them purchase products after a good analysis of it through different websites.

Online shopping brings you the convenience that the traditional buying habits lacked to fulfill. Everyone wants comfort in their lives and online shopping is a perfect way to make this possible, where everything can be brought at your door step by just a few clicks on your phone. Moreover, people today are really busy with their routines. Be it a student, a businessman or a housewife engaged in her daily household chores. It is really hard to squeeze out time. But time is no more a factor in buying things when it comes to online shopping. You can order things at the oddest times, even in the middle of a night, when most of the shops are closed. You can shop whenever you’re free and have phone in your hands. Another big pro associated with online shopping is the vast selection option. It is undeniable that decision making can be difficult, but it is more likely that you get to compare and choose just the right you want for yourself, where as in malls and markets the shops can be poorly stocked and finding an alternative is not always easy. Not only this but often the online stores are big and contain items from every category, from electrical appliances to clothing. One can be a regular costumer for which the companies often prize you with coupons and discounts, which adds as a bonus to your already convenient shopping experience.

In the bustling modern world online shopping definitely has many advantages. But there’s another image to the mirror of online shopping.You are never sure about the quality of the things you buy, be it household items or be it clothes. There is a big chance they are not what you expect them to be. Many items that might look good in the pictures, do not turn out that majestic in real. Not being able to try out clothes is not quite suitable as customers might end up with the length being too long, awkwardly short sleeves or any other fault that they would have never wanted. And if the customer does not like the product and wants to give it back, here’s where another problem lies. When buying things online you have to pay charges for the delivery of your item. To ship it back the companies mostly asks you to pay additional charges and these could make it even more expensive for you. Furthermore, as soon as you’ve ordered the item, most of us track the item right away. This is one big problem, the credibility, in online shopping there’s always a fear of fraud and your item not reaching your doorstep on time.

Almost every person is aware of the consequences of online shopping yet no one’s ready to walk around the shops when the same things can be bought with ease, lying on the bed and having them delivered at your doorstep with just a click of a button!


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