Pilgrimage Trekking in Himalayas


Pilgrimage escape is the incredible method to investigate the Himalayas’ pilgrimage goals. Life here spins around a multifaceted mixing of antiquated Hindu and Buddhist religious customs. Here are the best pilgrimage treks in Himalayas

Kailash Yatra

Kailash trekMount Kailash is a mountain which stands 21,778 feet tall. Every year, people flock to the place to witness its beauty and grandeur. Mount Kailash is situated amongst the mighty Himalayan ranges in the Southwestern corner of Tibet and is considered as one of the highest points of the world. In addition to all this, it is also the source of four mighty rivers of Asia including the Brahmaputra, the Ganges, the Indus and the Sutlej. Above all this, what makes the place much visited is the spiritual significance that it holds. People belonging to different religions surely pay a visit to this spectacular pilgrimage centre.

Kathmandu Tour

KathmanduKathmandu Tour revolves around the cultural and religious sacred sites of City of Temples. Kathmandu has its own brand of cultural life which is based on unique mixture different religions, faiths, and practices including Hinduism and Buddhism. The valley holds a significantly high number of places documented by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. It contains three medieval cities famous for their arts and architectures – Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Each has an artistic exposition of graceful temples, elegant palaces, brick-paved courtyards and quaint streets.

Gosaikunda Trek

GosaikundaGosaikunda Lake attracts plenty of pilgrims round the year. They visit the place with an intent of taking holy dip in the sacred water of the Lake. Langtang region is a famous producer of Yak Cheese. Some protected animal species like the Langurs and Red Pandas call this region, protected as Langtang National Park, their home. The trails of this trek run in close proximity to the mountains offering exquisite views of Mt. Annapurna and Ganesh Himal.

Jomsom Muktinath Trek

JomsomMuktinath trekking lies in the district of Mustang and is about 18 km north east of Jomsom at an altitude of 3, 749m.JomsomMuktinath Trek begins from Jomsom which is the most popular trekking. The ancient deal route to Mustang and Tibet, up the Kali Ghandaki river, presents one of the urban trekking trails offering relaxed lodges run by Gurung and Thakali families. Starting from Pokhara we ascend the Annapurna foothills through picturesque Gurung villages and continue through lichen-draped rhododendron forest to climb Poon Hill at dawn for spectacular views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges. Later we will trek up the genuine valley in the world located between two Himalayan giants, Dhaulagiri (8,167m/26,788ft.) and Annapurna (8,091m/26,538ft.). As we trek up the Kali Gandaki valley we pass though the traditional and prosperous villages of Tukuche, Ghasa, Marpha and Jomsom. The Thakalis, a traditional traders, have converted their charming and wonderfully clean homes into trekkers’ lodges and are well known as one of the most gracious and successful inn-keepers in Nepal. Past Jomsom we reach the arid Tibet-like landscape of Mustang. At Muktinath, set below the Thorung La pass, we have a day to explore the temple and villages and enjoy wonderful mountain views before taking the flight back from Jomsom..

This established trek consolidates three noteworthy territories north of Kathmandu along the outskirt of Tibet Langtang, Gosainkunda and Helambu. Langtang is a tight valley that falsehoods only south of the Tibetan fringe. It is sandwiched between the primary Himalayan range toward the north and a somewhat bring down scope of cold tops toward the south. This trek offers a chance to investigate towns, to climb little pinnacles and to visit icy masses at a serenely low height. You can trek to Langtang by coming back to Kathmandu by means of the sacred pools of Gosainkunda at 4,300m, a great many Hindu explorers visit the lakes amid the full moon celebration in August. The lake is additionally holy to Buddhists. Gosaikunda is really the biggest of three primary lakes the other two being Saraswatikunda and Bhairabkunda. Hindu legend has it that the lakes were shaped when the God Siva dove his trident (Trisul) into the ground to acquire water. The Trisuli River has its source in the lakes; in this way the name.

Lumbini journey Tour

Lumbini Tour isn’t just the religious outing yet in addition the outing to witness the considerable recorded and archeological certainties identified with royal residence of Lord Buddha. The myth has that King Suddhodan of Shakya tradition and Queen Mayawati brought forth a youngster who strolled seven stages quickly after birth. Be that as it may, deserting the delight of the royal residences and eminence ruler got away out for the pursuit of edification. The rest is history and everyone knows it. There are various spots for the sightseers or the devotees to love in this place of Kapilvastu locale of Nepal. The historical center, Buddhists library and various pagodas speaking to different nations are the significant features. The peace sacred lake, origin of Buddha, Ashoka Pillar, and Archaeologies of old royal residences, the blessed tree and the profound encompassing of the place is above everything.


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