8 Essential Features that Power Janome 6600P Sewing Machines


A computerized sewing machine that crafts your ideas on a piece of fabric is an innovative product. Tools like these that bridge the gap between humans and technology are always welcome. Janome memory craft 6600 sewing machine is a brilliant example of such versatile, innovative technologies.

Janome is a reputed brand that produces world’s best sewing machines in the industry. Janome 6600P is one of the most advanced machines that include following features:

  1. A perfect feeding system – Stitching is now an easy task thanks to the Janome’s Acufeed feeding system. The system allows you to sync your stitching and feeding for both top layer and the bottom layer. Dubbed as the best sewing machine, Janome 6600 is a quilter’s dream.
  2. Thread automatically – Janome machines are always convenient to use. This is because they have an automatic needle threader for effortless sewing. Just pull down the needle, place your thread in the hook and then pull it back. Your needle is now threaded, simple.
  3. Easily adjust stitching length and width – Janome computerized sewing machine supports two separate adjustment buttons to increase or decrease the stitch length and width easily. It is one of the key features that make Janome sewing machines stand apart from the rest.
  4. Buttons and a control panel – Start/Stop button, reverse switch, Lockstitch button, needle up/down button, etc. there are plenty of handy buttons on Janome 6600P sewing machine used for a variety of purpose and needs. There’s also a control panel for switching between the sewing modes.
  5. A separate winding motor – Janome 6600 supports an independent bobbin winder that uses a different motor to wind the bobbin. This allows you to rewind the bobbin even without stopping the machine. It is a perfect sewing machine that is capable of handling even large stitching needs with ease.
  6. Adjustable speed control – Every person works on his/her own pace. So, there is no ideal speed for all. Janome sewing machines have an electronic speed control that allows them to adjust the speed according to their needs. It’s essential to finish projects with accuracy and swiftness changing the rate accordingly.
  7. Foot presser indicator –Pressure can be easily adjusted using the foot pressure indicator on a Janome 6600P. This allows you to monitor the pressure gauge and alter accordingly, to get the best outcome. It is always a handy indicator that shows you the exact position of your own best setting.
  8. LED screen and a built-in scissor – An LED display at the Janome sewing machine allow you to craft your computerized designs on the fabric. This is an effective and efficient method for your sewing needs. Moreover, the built-in scissors and an extra-long arm make Janome 6600P a dream machine.

Janome computerized 6600P sewing machine is perfect for high-speed sewing, larger quilting projects, denim leather sewing and others. There are many popular E-Commerce stores that sell Janome sewing machines at discounted rates. These machines also come with a 25-year sewing head warranty period.

To order your Janome 6600 find a reliable store online.


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