Reveal a Perfume by Its Colour


Have you ever tried to buy a perfume without trying it? In this age of online shopping, it is becoming quite common for people to buy a fragrance without trying it on. Even though it is quite common, yet there is a huge population who is sceptical about buying a perfume online at online fragrance shop. Which scent will be suitable for them, will it suit their personality or not and so on, there are many questions, which a person contemplates about before purchasing the fragrance in the perfume shop near them or atthe online store.  They are clueless about the terms used to describe perfumes hence making a decision is quite difficult.

What if we tell you that even you, a person who has no idea what EDP or EDT means or whether there is a difference between perfume and perfumed deodorant, can differentiate between the perfumes. The secret lies in the packaging!

The packaging says it all :

The packaging of any product has always been a source of the first information about any product. Similarly, in the perfume industry, the packaging of the perfume can reveal a lot about what is hidden inside the bottle. When you are clueless about the type or reading about those notes are leaving you further confused, the packaging can always act as a saviour. The colour of the perfume bottle of package speaks tons about the perfume.

Greens: Just like any other places, green signifies the leaves, fresh cut grass, foliage and herbs. These fragrances are quite woody, smoky and fresh. If you are looking for a sporty fragrance, this colour is the one you need to choose.

Whites: The colour signifies purity, softness and gentleness thus are the perfumes packed in them. Anything between subtle florals, fruity and powdery scents can be a part of these. Most of the women fragrances are available in soft whites. However, men fragrances with fresh soft scent are also part of this colour.

Cool blues: If seeing cool blue colours, you imagine about ice, freshness, water or anything cooling, you can expect that from your fragrance as well. Most of the perfumes coloured as cool blue have a very clean, aquatic freshness filled fragrance. Some of them can also have a hint of citrus notes and aromatic herbs giving it a perfect summery touch.

Yellow: Yellow is the colour of summer. All the yellow coloured perfume bottles have summer filled in them. You can expect citrus, fruity, floral scents from these. A little warmth, with a lot of fresh accords.

Gold: The colour gold signifies the rich opulent lifestyle and so is the fragrance of that colour. Perfumes in gold bottles or gold packaging are quite exotic, rich and opulent making them perfect for the evening engagements.

You can keep this in mind while buying Luxury Perfume for Men and Women. Similar to the colour, the name of the perfume and words used to define it such as fresh, intense, can also help in understand the scent. Just look beyond what you see, it will help you to understand the fragrance better.


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