Rishikesh: The Best Place to Relax In India

rafting in rishikesh

Rishikesh is the ideal place to begin a journey to India. India is a very complex country for which never left the councils, and this is one of the more interesting than I can give.

How to Reach

To get to Rishikesh the quickest way is to take a train to Haridwar, a village located approximately 15 kilometers to the south and from there take a bus (the bus stop is close by, as well as 300 meters) in the direction of Rishikesh. The price is 35 rupees per person and takes, depending on traffic, such as 40 minutes.

Why Visit Rishikesh  

  • Rishikesh is close to (a 4 hour train journey) of Delhi.
  • You are not isolated from what is India, because it is a highly visited by the Indians because…
  • The Ganges is here very close to its origin… “Clean!! A unique opportunity to bathe in a sacred river without full of crap (to say the fine
  • Rishikesh is also called the Indian capital of yoga, with what the environment already invites to relax.

What to do in Rishikesh?

Eat Local Foods:

For if, first, to eat. The food here is the best I have ever tasted. And look at that Indian food is good… but here has that sanito “touch” that gives the world ayurvedic and yogi. Hipernutritivos and delicious breakfasts that you can give one…

Take a best Picture:

Rishikesh offers a thousand views, both in the area of the Laxman as in the area of the Ram Jula, passing by his way of just one and a half kilometers in the middle of area of lush forest. Any corner is going to surprise you.

Visit their temples:

Especially one, the Shri Trayambakeshwar temple, next to the Laxman Jhula, recognizable by its 12 heights with campaigns in all the way. A show to listen to him and walk it (by tapping the campaigns if you want).

Bathing in the Ganges:

As I said, it is one of the few places where one can bathe in this symbolic river without having the feeling that you’re going to leave with three feet.

Witness the Pooja in Honor of Mother Ganga:

Held near the 6:30 in the afternoon in front of the Parmarth Niketan Ashram, it is a very, very exciting celebration with singing, flowers, fire…. must experience

Meditate or Do Yoga:

 Of course, could not miss in the capital of yoga. You can do it alone, in any of the yoga center, with any of the teachers yogis you will find yourself wandering or, where he advised, also for the experience of an ashram, the Parmarth Niketan, an ashram that is in the area of the Ram Jula and offering cheap accommodation, activities such as yoga and a dining room with rich food (India) and affordable. In this place many Indians to meditate, relax or do yoga and some other Western wanting to go over to the side yogi.  Also try some adventurous activities in Risihikesh.

In short, to Rishikesh you have to know if or if you are thinking of your visit to India, but if you start your journey here you’ll be absorbing a large part of the initial impact that produces this piece of country.


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