8 Important SEO Considerations to Make before Your Website Launch


SEO or Search Engine Optimization has gained an enigma in acquiring huge web traffic for the website. Well, there is nothing mystical about it. You might be well aware on how the SEO works and how it increases brand credibility by attracting potential customers. Within this, Google is actually measuring out the rank in terms of popular keywords, site structure, page load speed, number and quality of inbound links.

Now if you are one of those budding entrepreneurs who is about to launch a website, then you should make some important considerations in SEO before doing so. Being the best SEO company in Singapore, we bring forth a comprehensive SEO checklist that needs reviewing before you plan to set your website live.

  1. A perfect keyword research& mapping: You need to examine the website thoroughly and find the suitable keywords. This would be the first step towards your SEO. Keep true to the fact about what you want your customers to know or what you are selling them. Just think on how your customers are going to search about you. Done that, you need to proceed with the mapping. You should be aware that keywords picked are rightfully mapped to the targeting URLs. Thus, you should be hyper aware of any important keyword that you seem to have missed out. Doing it correctly at the initial stage would help you in the long run.
  2. Get Effective Title tag & Meta Description: Having a proper title would help the Google in recognizing what your website is all about. You should have some meaningful title along with keywords for better identification. Meta description is like a short summary to your data. This would be little introduction for your viewers before they enter your website.
  3. Special attention to UX with content accessibility: You definitely want your customers to reach and read your content. You need to make sure that your content is rich, original and interesting enough to hold the attention of your viewers for a long time. Thus, for this you need to mention the targeted phrases and keywords within. A duplicate content is sure to get penalized and will not let your website move higher in ranking. You need to keep a check over broken links as well to keep the authenticity of your website intact. Along with this, you should make sure that your content is visible on every device and through every browser say Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.
  4. Supervise your site speed: This is the most irritable problem as professed by many viewers. Even most of the sites experience a drop in traffic due to their load speed. Thus, it is your foremost task to improve the site speed. Moreover, to forewarn you, improving site speed would result in higher ranking. Just have a look at your page speed through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and check how your website is performing. A good speed will definitely ante up your ranking.
  5. Website tracking: Analytics is the basis of Search Engine Optimization. It is required to track the conversion status and traffic of your website. Thus, in truest sense, it would notify you on how much of your website is benefitting you. One of the tools that is popularly used is Google Analytics. Marketers all over the world is using this to get a hang of their business status. You could also set up your Google Search Console account and link it with your Google Analytics.
  6. Social Profiles: It is very important to set up the social profiles before making your website live. Why it is necessary? So that your username does not get used up by others. If you have claimed the social media accounts on your name, then it will be easily distinguishable by your potential clients. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, G+ and YouTube are the social media platforms where you should make yourself visible other than having a web presence. Various top advertising agencies in Singapore can help you out with such massive branding.
  7. Responsive Site: “Mobile Friendly” is the word of the hour. Everyone is handling mobile greatly rather than using desktops for most of the purposes. Thus, having a mobile friendly formatting of your website is highly essential. This is called a responsive site where the readability of a mobile viewer gets easy if your site shows the content or image as per the device he is holding.
  8. Obtaining Backlinks: Backlinks are actually created to direct them to your sites. This is done through guest posts or articles. Backlinks have a prior arrangement of link building and link acquisition which might seem tiresome at first but a high quality backlink is definitely going to a push you towards higher ranking.

With all this done and after many more updates or services implemented, you are sure to get your website among the higher rankers.



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