STEM Career Is The Most Sort After


STEM, the short form of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is a buzzing topic today. This is due to the fact that the American government want to improve American students’ performance in STEM. As per the latest analysis the ranking figures regarding maths literacy for American students is 25th out of 30, while of science literacy its 21st out of 30. These figures have been reached taking into account all the developed countries of the world. In other words, America lags far behind in terms of competitiveness in science and technology as compared to other developed nations.

As a result there is a fear that the country may possible lose its position as the global economic and technological leader.

Increasing Focus On STEM Teaching

The above facts and figures are very discouraging and more so because the STEM areas are the foundation of progress and innovation. In the twentieth century STEM fields were widespread. Science and technology including maths and engineering transformed the country and made it the world leader in manufacturing, transportation, communication, electronics and space exploration. More importantly the nation’s computer technology and skills were transforming the world. To be true, the STEM fields are the main ingredient of jobs and careers in the future. Thus, its not an exaggeration to state that indeed there is a rising career in STEM teaching.

Computers are growing rapidly as tools in different fields and industries. There’s more use that science and mathematics is being put to specially in planning and statistical analysis. The data generated as a result offers unique answers in the areas of medicine, ecology, energy and commerce. All this valuable data was not possible to generate in the past. World is getting dependent on digital technology and at a rapid pace. This change in scenario has grown the need for science and technology professionals. So, educators and teachers who can provide STEM education to children in the school and teach them coding at an early stage are growing in demand.

STEM Careers Are Very Sought After

There are many STEM careers which are in high demand today. The careers that look quite promising are professions such as actuaries, chemical engineers, chemists, computer software engineers, and electrical engineers. Notwithstanding that whether you would prefer not to become a scientist or an engineer, its good to have an educational background in STEM. Employers look for special skills when hiring people like, analytical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to work independently. All such skills can be acquired through STEM curriculum. Candidates who have STEM education can easily get jobs in an array of industries such as finance, healthcare, and precision manufacturing, to name a few. These facts also justify the

rising career in STEM teaching.

Ways To Acquire Competence in STEM Careers

All of the STEM careers involve extensive education. In order to be proficient in any of the STEM career you should take classes in specific subjects during high school and college, such as: Algebra, Biology, Statistics, Calculus, Electronics, Economics, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental science, Technical writing, Search methods, Computer technology, Computer-assisted art.

There are certain other activities that you can carry out outside of the classroom to be proficient in STEM career. One such activity is to join a math or science club at your school. Or, you can volunteer to teach science at a summer camp for children. You may also show your willingness to help in fundraising events that need people who have math and budgeting skills. Last but not the least you can learn coding and computer applications. Moreover, the best way to acquire STEM skills is by work experience.


I trust we live in a vastly different world then the one I grew up in. So, whether you decide to pursue music, history, the arts, take up sports as a profession, or whatever other field that is outside of the STEM subjects, despite everything you will likely need to possess the adequate knowledge and skill in technological subjects. Digital literacy is primary in the jobs such as Website design and development, programming, application design and development, eBook publishing. Programming is one of the essential skills that kids will need to learn in the school.


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