Swimwear Trends for Summer 2018


Summer is approaching! Meaning it’s time to pack away our winter wardrobe and have some fun in the sun. Replace the warm coats or jackets and gloves with cover-ups and bikinis and dive in the refreshing ocean waters.

Whether you’re going to an exotic island for vacations or just around the corner to the nearest swimming pool, your old school swimwear is not going to get you the attention you deserve. The black one-piece in your closet may never go out of style. However, a little upgrade is always good to keep life interesting.

Check out the latest trends in swimwear and see what style fits you the best. Who knows, maybe you could be the hottest, trendiest woman on the beach this summer?

  1. Color Blocking

Who said conventional, old colors had to be dull and boring? This year our favorite designers have sought out to change our view of all the colors in the world. They bring a collection of swimsuits, bikinis or one-piece in a mixture of bold and bright colors that will emphasize your best features, making you look extraordinary. It is a minimalistic approach for modern, trendy fashion.

  1. Off-the-shoulder

Strappy swimsuits are a favorite for many women. However, they leave behind unsightly tan lines, forcing you to hide those gorgeous collar bones. So leave your neck and shoulder bare this summer with stylish off-the-shoulder swimwear for an even skin tone.

Melidress has a vast selection of some fabulous off-the-shoulder pieces for all body types in a variety of color combinations or solid tones. Moreover, they offer fantastic discounts with Melidress Coupon Codes. So, you can get your trendy swimwear at budget-friendly prices.

  1. One-shoulder

For one-piece or bikini top, we also have a fantastic line of one-shoulder tops. Be a little adventurous and daring and try out one-shoulder swimwear and rock the waves in style. Paired with your favorite skirt, for example, and pair sandals, they also make for a perfect outfit for a day at the beach.

  1. Ruffled Shoulder

If regular shoulders don’t fit the bill for you, try out ones with ruffled shoulders. The frills along the side of your shoulder strap emphasize your femininity and add a delicate touch. Not to mention, make you look chic and stylish as well.

One-piece or bikinis, you’ll find ruffled shoulders to be your look for this summer. Go on vacation to a tropical island or your local beach with a new look that has every eye in the crowd turning to you.

  1. High Waisted Bottoms

Flattering for all body types; the high waisted bottoms make their way from last year. From strappy details to revealing cutouts, there are a variety of styles and color combinations available, guaranteed to make you shine under the summer sun.

Moreover, Cymax fashion store offers attractive discounts on your favorite swimwear that you can avail via Cupshe Coupon. So get yourself some high waisted swimwear at the most reasonable prices

  1. Knots

On the shoulder or down the middle, knots look great no matter where they lie, making you look fabulous and chic. The knot or bow adds a little flair to even the simplest of swimwear. Combine that with floral print or solid colors, and you’ve got yourself a sexy new look.

Whether you want revealing or minimal exposure, knotted swimwear is the perfect balance between both without compromising style and fashion.

  1. Belts

Accessories are essential to complete any outfit, even swimsuit; thus, the addition of belts to the bikinis or one-pieces. It can be an actual belt or just a wrap tie around the waist, but they are the new IT in swimwear fashion trends.

They not only add finesse to your swimsuit but also give you an hour-glass figure that most girls strive toward. Best of all, they are available at knock-off prices on Beachbliss via Beachbliss Coupon.

  1. Sporty but Stylish

When you talk about the beach, sunbathing is not the only thing you’re going to be doing; there is swimming, surfing or beach volleyball to look forward to as well. So how about a swimsuit that can handle a little bit of roughness.

Many designers bring in the latest collection of sporty but cute and stylish swimwear so you can surf the waves, swim the deep waters or enjoy a rough game of beach volleyball without any worries.

  1. Cover-ups

Now that you have your swimwear picked out, you need to have the best cover-up that compliments your taste and style.

Check out the new line of kimono style cover-ups among others that provide cover with a uniqueness that is lacking in your average sundress. Be camera-ready and show-off your passion for fashion with the breeziest and most beautiful cover-ups of the century.


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