The Advantages of Buying a Used Moffett Forklift

Moffett mount

Most material handling professionals accept this, and no matter how silly it would sound to you, forklifts are an integral part of a warehouse, given their exceptional indispensability and reliability. Whether you want to stack palettes of goods, move your freight, or any heavy material onto a truck, nothing compares to a reliable forklift to help you with heavy lifting jobs. Since your business depends on forklifts for daily operation, keeping your team operational to operate forklifts on board is important.

When you begin your hunt in the market for a forklift, you may be thinking whether it is the best choice to purchase a used Moffett forklift, or a brand new one. Although buying a brand new forklift would seem like the best choice, there are many reasons why investing in a used forklift remain a better business choice. Not only will a used lift truck cut the costs of you business, it will also offer comfort in the sense that your lift truck is a tested and well maintained one in the sight of trouble.

A used lift truck will offer you several benefits compared to a new one, at a lower cost, including several other advantages.


Even before the invention of forklifts, several warehouses and factories used cables, ropes, and pulleys to move heavy boxes, crates, and objects. Using this system in the old days was a dangerous prospect, affecting the safety of workers. However, after the invention of forklifts, which comes with the design to lift heavy objects, lifting and transporting items to a desired location is now easier, where the machine does all the work, from lifting to setting them down.

Great Loading and Lifting Capacities

Forklifts are small, but compact vehicles, designed to work in narrow and tight areas. In addition, they come with high maneuverable capabilities, which can lift different types of loads. Several dealers offer small capacity forklifts, such as Moffett Truck, but there are also other options with the capacity of about 5000 kg.

One of the best things is that you can choose a lift truck with an appropriate capacity and configuration, depending on your warehouse needs.

Save More

The most attractive benefits of buying a used Moffett are the upfront savings. While a brand new electric forklift for warehouse, use may cost more, in today’s market, reliable forklift with the similar type of model and capacity will have lower prices. Hence, when you decide to choose a used forklift, you will effectively be able to buy a high-performing and high-quality workhorse at an affordable price.

Keep in mind that investing in a new forklift is similar to buying a brand new car, it will depreciate the moment you use it. With the operating costs of running your business, investing in a new machinery is unnecessary and a poor business decision. In addition, you can use your new equipment immediately, without the need to wait for a longer time of delivery. You will not lose any money on the jobs that you were not able to complete without your lift truck.

Easy to Maintain

Forklifts come with simple maintenance and operation options. Regular and proper maintenance is important, especially if you want to ensure their longer life. It is necessary to keep the machine in the best working condition. Before choosing the forklift, many forklift providers give a full preventative and maintenance plan.

A Well-Inspected Investment

A brand new forklift may have manufacturing issues, which will cause it to breakdown, and you will not be able to point this out, unless it becomes too late. It could need replacing or repairs, but it will still cost you more if it has some problems. With a used lift truck, you will get a machine that has a good working background and experts will inspect it to ensue it remains in the best working condition.

Easily Available

The lead-time for a brand new lift truck maybe long, and if you need one immediately, this may not be the only option. Used lift trucks are available easily and require easy delivery. If your material handling needs change for some reason, buying a used truck will be the best way to ensure you get what you need, and when. They are easily available and come at affordable prices.

Today, several dealers have different used Moffett forklift models available in their showrooms. You need to determine the best option or model for your business needs. You can choose an electric, diesel, propane powered, or gasoline forklift. However, know that the most important factor is to have proper training to ensure increased efficiency, and safety in your business facility.

Make sure that you check different forklift training centers to ensure you get the right OSHA training certificate for you forklift operations.


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