5 Things You Must Know Before Starting Photography Business


For some people photography is not just a hobby it’s a way to feel alive and de-stress from the daily norms of life. And if that person is you, surely you must have toyed with the idea of going professional with your hobby.

And why not, if you enjoy clicking photos and have passion and the necessary skills, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business.

Now, if you’re inspired to start your own business of photos, research well before diving both feet in. The reward may be both emotionally and professionally satisfying but it takes a lot of hard work and investment of time to get the results.

Here are 5 things you must know before you start your own photography business:

  1. Set goals for your photography business

 To have a successful business you need to set goals and work towards achieving them. Setting a goal would give clarity to your photography business and will push you to achieve the long-term vision that you had for it.

  1. Decide and work on your niche

 Generalizing your business can be both tiring and bad for your business, so make it specific. Decide your niche and find innovative ways to expand your business in that.

To establish the business you can take any type of work but steadily steer your ship towards one specific genre. It can be wedding photography or sports or traveling but finding your forte is important for a successful venture.

  1. Choose your ideal clients

Now that you know what your forte as a photographer is you need to focus on finding the right customer. Many factors go into what types of clients you would prefer to work with like:

Location: whether you want to work for a client near your base or you are up to traveling for assignments is a major deciding factor for both you and the clients.

Demographics: Your instincts will guide you to take up work with people who are right for your business and for yourself. If you are comfortable with models more than kids or you prefer corporate shoots rather than family shoots go with them. Right clients are better than more clients.

The money involved: Your business has goals and to reach that goal, you need money. So you have to select client based on their income. Depending on this you need to decide if you want only premium customers or not.

Interest and creativity: photography is an art and you need to work with people who understand that. Find people who respect your creativity and insights just as much as you respect their wishes. 

  1. Register your business

Once decided with your business goals and clients, go ahead and register your business. Making it legal is the right thing to do, also people prefer legal business for security. Some pointers on how to make your business legal:

  • Give it a name: your business name is your brand and must be crafted carefully. Brand name should be unique, memorable and descriptive of your profession’s model.
  • Register as a legal entity: register your company with the local and central government.
  • Set up a bank account: keep your business and personal finances separate. Make an account dedicated just for your business transaction.
  • Get a business license: every business needs a license to work, check with your government what license you need and how to obtain it.
  • Insurance: one should always be ready for unforeseen circumstances and thus having good insurance in case of liability is a smart business plan.
  1. Build an online presence for your business

Half of the world is on the internet so it’s crucial that you have an online presence too. Digital marketing is the need of the hour and many established photographers agree with this.

  • Create a website. Even if you have no clue about coding, using some CMS like WordPress, the whole thing can be done very easily. Here’s the complete guide to create a website on wordpress
  • Create a logo. Don’t know designing? No problem, look for photography logo maker tools. Most of the tools are free and can provide you a decent logo within minutes. Although if you want a perfect or exceptional logo, hire a designer.
  • Start a blog or a YouTube video or making an Instagram account will make visible in the online world.
  • Share interactive images, share your stories, interact with your followers.

Once you have enough attention, then marketing your business is a little easier.

If people see your work and are impressed with your expertise, they will surely search for ways to contact you and thus your business will bloom.


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