Top 10 Linux Operating System Laptops of 2018


There are many Operating Systems based on Windows and Linux. We are not discussing here the Operating Systems. Instead of this, we will go into detail the best Linux Operating System laptops of 2018. In this way, Linux fans will let know that on which laptop Linux will run faster and perform maximum better results. To get more update with Windows Operating System Solutions Visit here.

On the other hand, it was a time that Linux was most used Operating System because not of lack of features but for doing some work. For example, Linux users can do ethical hacking using the Linux Operating System which results in getting more results. Therefore, in this article, our main focus will be on Linux users who interact with Linux Operating System more in daily life. Linux is no doubt an open free operating system which works on the console. Furthermore, Linux has proper GUI (Graphical User Interface) which means that users can interact with the System easily.

Here are Top 10 Linux Operating System Laptops of 2018

  1. Purism – Librem 15
  2. Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
  3. Entroware – Apollo
  4. Minifree – Libreboot
  5. System76 Serval WS
  6. System76 Galago Pro
  7. Star Labs Systems – Star Lite
  8. Station X – Lancaster
  9. HP – Spectre x360
  10. Purism Librem 13

Here we will take a look at the few features of few Linux Operating System Laptops of 2018.

Purism – Librem 15

It provides the best security to the users in a proper manner. The equipment in our test unit is noteworthy, yet there are two or three remarkable points of interest. To start with, the Core i7-6500U CPU is somewhat old, Moreover, it is a Skylake chip, offering 200MHz less base recurrence (2.5GHz versus 2.7GHz) and 400MHz less turbo recurrence (3.1GHz versus 3.5GHz) than the Kaby Lake emphasis of the chip.

If we talk about the Core of Purism – Librem 15, it’s more powerful that is, i7-7500U. The two chips work with a TDP of 15W, have a similar direction set, and offer four strings.

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

Dell XPS is fully customized that can easily do all the office work easier. It can perform the Windows as well as Linux Operating System work as well. If we talk about InfinityEdge touchscreen which is 4k. Every configuration runs on the Operating System Dell XPS 13 is smooth and flexible.

Price: The price of this Linux Operating System Laptop starts with $950 and go on. It also has with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. We all know that hard drive if you do with SSD for example, 512GB or 1TB HDD then price of the Linux Operating System will increase and do better performance results.

Entroware – Apollo

Here are the few main features of this Linux Operating Systems Laptop:

  • The display size of this Laptop is 13.3″.
  • RAM is more and gets more results which are 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz.
  • The processor capacity of this Laptop based on Linux are Intel Core i5 8250U 3.4 GHz.
  • Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mate are a pre-installed operating system, you can install according to you also.
  • $950 is the starting price but as you move on means increase the features in the Operating System, the price will also increase.

Minifree – Libreboot

  • 12.1″ is the display size of Minifree – Libreboot. 
  • 8GB DDR3 1066 MHz, Here DDR# RAM which is less compatible as it is in the Entroware – Apollo. 
  • The processor capacity of this Laptop based on Linux are Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz (P8400)
  • Trisquel 8.0, codename “Flidas” is at last here! This discharge will be upheld with security refreshes until April 2021.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet preinstalled.

Moved to DVD design, now with 50+ dialects and additional applications.

Enhanced availability as a matter of course.

Bit Linux-libre 3.13 with low-latency and planning as a matter of course.

  • Trisquel is a pre-installed operating system, you can install according to you also.

Which Linux Operating System Laptops Best in 2018?

Every Laptop has its own feature and compatibility which means that you can choose according to you. Features are all defined. Also, it depends on your budget because if you want to get the Best feature of Linux laptop then go for the Purism – Librem 15. It has more features than other. While buying must keep the RAM feature too. If you have any query you can ask in the comment section.


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