Top 5 Places to Eat in Tokyo While You are on the Japan Tour


With the world turning into a small global village, the tables are turning and this change is incredible for people who simply love to try the new cuisine. Well, now it isn’t difficult to find the authentic Italian risotto in Bangkok and sushi in NYC. Though you can satisfy your tingling taste buds, getting the original experience in the foreign land is kind of impossible. And that is the reason why you should never skip any chance of trying the local street foods and the finest delectable cuisines of that country, especially when you are there!

Now, talking about the ‘Land of The Rising Sun’, the imperial and oriental nation is one of those rare countries where you can experience both the age old traditions and modern day values thriving and nurturing each other. And this reflects from the food of Japan as well. When I got a chance to visit the capital city of Tokyo, I was mesmerized to see the high class, Michelin-star restaurants and street food kiosks working side by side. During my stay of ten days, I practically tried almost all the restaurants of Tokyo to have my own list of the best restaurants, courtesy the amazing hospitality of my Japanese colleague. So, let us explore the list.

1.Bifteck Kawamura, Ginza: This place was suggested by the manager of the hotel where I was staying for its Wagyu beef. Though not a big fan of beef, I gave it a try and thank God, I did! The beef practically melted in my mouth and a thousand flavors exploded on the very first bite. The ambience and service was amazing and this place has the best collection of authentic wines.

2.BrewDog, Roppomgi: If you are tired of all the exploring and want to sit and relax while sipping chilled beer, BrewDog is the perfect place. This bar is 20 craft beers available on tap, out of which 10 are brewed at the bar itself. When it comes to beer, you can never go wrong with BrewDog.

3.Ginza Sushi-Sokoro Shin: Till so far, I had the one of the best sushi of my life at this place. Rather than going for dinner, visit this place for lunch as you would get the best bang for your buck. Unlike the other sushi places where the portions are literally tiny, get ready for huge portions. And don’t forget to try the Uni!

4.Ichiran Shibuya: Not just one, but a handful of people recommended this place and that’s why I gave Ichiran Shibuya a shot. And boy, I was impressed. They serve hot ramen at the spot and it was the most fulfilling and heavenly meal I had during my entire trip. The richly flavored broth leaves you asking for more and you have the privacy of your own little booth.

5.Robot Restaurants: When you are dining in Tokyo, weird is the new trend. But getting served while a show goes on where robots, monster, laser lights and dancers are performing is something that you would only get in Tokyo.

Other than this, there are several other restaurants where you can have the best meal. All it needs is a bit of research. So while you are planning for your trip to Tokyo, don’t forget to ask recommendations from locals regarding the best places to eat.


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