Top Cable Channels that Focus on the Animal Kingdom


If you love animals, get a steady subscription to one of the Spectrum Packages, to never miss out on all the interesting documentaries about the Animal Kingdom on your favorite channels.


Are you one of those people who love animals? And have a profound interest in the Animal Kingdom? And you have that inquisitive nature about animals, their breeds, food, habits, habitats, and so many other things? If yes, we can totally relate to this interest. Animals are absolutely adorable, and there is so much to know about animals. There are still breeds that are recently discovered and there must be more that are yet to be discovered. And the beauty of animals is mesmerizing, the diversity of their habitats and their interesting habits are a lot of knowledge for people who are interested.

Fortunately, there are a number of channels dedicated to the Animal Kingdom completely. They give you a lot of valuable information on the instincts, types, habits, breeds, food, mating, habitats and so many other things related to animals. So, subscribe to one of the best Cable TV services in town, that ensure smooth broadcast of all your favorite animal channels. Check out Spectrum packages to choose from a number of plans and packages, tailored to fit your entertainment needs.

In addition to TV channels, there are dedicated websites, online forums and even Apps about animals, through which you can gain your regular doses about the information on animals. Here are some famous channels, that essentially focus on animals and have been providing us knowledge and valuable information on animals since years now.

     Animal Planet

Animal Planet is an American channel that was first launched in 1996. Animal Planetis aired on both basic cable TV as well as satellite television. It is originally in the ownership of Discovery Communications. Initially, it was meant to focus on education-based and information-related TV shows. Later in 2008, there was a shift to reality programming. It can be watched everywhere across the United States, along with a mighty number of 70 other countries, that broadcast the channel. It has also licensed country-specific broadcast and versions of the channel in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, India and many others.

The channel has the credit of airing some amazing and informational documentaries on perhaps all the animals of the massive, Animal Kingdom. Hence, it has its own credibility for providing sound, solid and factual information about the various species of animals and other things related to them, such as habitats, natural instincts, and so many other things. The cinematic details and HD quality make you awe at the marvels of nature.

     National Geographic Channel

National Geographic/National Geographic Channel is perhaps the most popular and most-watched animal channel in the world. It is commonly abbreviated as Nat Geo and it is also used as a trademark. It is broadcasted on both satellite TV network and Digital cable in the United States.

The flagship Nat Geo channel airs documentaries and non-fictional TV programs that are produced by independent production houses and companies as well as National Geographic itself. Nat Geo Wild, in particular, broadcasts TV shows and documentaries related to animals. One of the most popular shows that it airs is Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.

     Discovery Channel

Both History and Discovery Channel are actually owned by National Geographic. The channel shows factual content in featured documentaries that involve nature, culture, science, history, and so on. But mostly it broadcasts content and informative documentaries on animals. It also deals with some pseudo-scientific stuff and reality entertainment programming. As mentioned earlier, Nat Geo Wild is its prime sister-network globally, and that includes the United States.

So, to enjoy all this informative content about the Animal kingdom, and experience the high-definition picture quality you need to have a steady subscription to one of the most recommended and high-quality cable TV service. Subscribe to one of the incredible Spectrum Bundles, to ensure smooth broadcast of all the informative documentaries about animals on your favorite channels.


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