All About Amla – Top Health & Beauty Benefits


Calling the translucent green fruit which tastes extremely bitter “the nectar of life” might seem a bit OTT (over the top, in case you’re from the era gone by) for some, but wait before you start with all the judgement. Turns out there’s a reason (or like, 100) our Indian moms have been fuzzing about feeding us the Indian gooseberry, more humbly known as our very own “amla“. This bittersweet miracle holds the power to cure everything from anaemiadiarrhoea and skin acne. But, as goes the famous saying, anything in excess is likely bad, even a super fruit such as amla. (Except Nutella, of course.) And before I deviate much, let’s dive right in and talk all about amla – its health and beauty benefits, ways you can consume amla, adequate dosage and side-effects!

Health Benefits of Amla:

  • Eyes – Let’s start at the very top! Amla contains carotene which improves vision, prevents eye problems such as redness, watering and cataract.
  • Immunity – As amla is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it boosts the immunity and improves health.
  • Metabolism – Amla helps in easy absorption of proteins, which leads to increased metabolism which in turn causes higher energy levels and lower weight. (Yep, no need to go on a laxative or salad diet to lose weight, just have some good old amla!)
  • Heart – Amla reduces bad cholesterol and prevents artery blockages, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  • Bones – Because of its high calcium content, it strengthens bones and also prevents bone degradation.
  • Stress – Regular application of amla oil is known to reduce stress and improve mental health.
  • Reduces blood sugar level – Diabetic patients must have amla as a part of their diet as It helps in improved absorption of insulin, leading to reduction in blood sugar levels.
  • Fights throat infections and common cold – Due to high content of Vitamin C, it helps prevent as well as treat common cold and throat infections.
  • Bowel movements – Amla helps in improving bowel movements, leading to better digestion due to laxative properties and high fibre content.
  • Treats diarrhoea – Amla is an excellent cure for diarrhoea as it contains fibres and digestive enzymes.
  • Appetite – Amla is known to increase the appetite due to its digestive properties.
  • Amla also purifies blood and helps in curing Anaemia

Beauty Benefits of Amla:

  • Amla has excellent cooling properties which helps in soothing the skin
  • Amla helps in treating and preventing pimples as well as acne
  • Amla juice is known to brighten the skin tone
  • Amla is known to prevent as well as treat hair-fall, greying of hair and other scalp conditions such as dandruff
  • Amla also helps in hair growth and improves the hair texture, making it shinier and thicker.

Ways to Consume Amla:

Amla is available round the year in various forms such as amla juice, dried amla, pickled amla, amla powder etc. For hair, amla shampoo as well as amla hair oil is available.

Amla Adequate dosage:

3-4 amlas a day, 10-12 ml of amla juice or 3-4 grams of amla powder is considered to be adequate dosage.

Side-Effects of Amla:

Excessive consumption of amla can lead to acidity, constipation and low blood pressure. Some people are also allergic to amla. In case you haven’t tried amla before (really?) or have any medical condition, it would be wise to check up with your doctor once.

We can safely conclude that apart from its taste, there’s nothing bittersweet about amla, if taken in the right quantity! Now that you know all about amla, go get yourself some of that bittersweet nectar!

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