Trends to Look Out For Mobile App Development In 2018


With the latest trends, mobile apps are indeed playing an important role in simplifying the day to day tasks. We can’t disagree with the fact that the mobile technology is emerging at a fast speed and the mobile apps have become a fundamental part of the digital network. They are rolling to become omnipresent; so, every business industry needs to stay up-to-date with the most recent mobile app development trends rather than any other option.

With 179 billion mobile applications downloaded per year smartphones and mobile applications development is definitely one of the pioneering and dynamically growing sectors in the marketplace. For a successful digital marketing mobile application development is considered an effective marketing and business development strategy. However, it has now become essential as it upsurges usability, meeting customer’s burdens while building brand awareness and boosting sales.

In addition, numerous giants are using mobile applications for branding, for marketing their brands, to attract more customers, drive traffic, among several other reasons. An effectual mobile approach is more than a responsive mobile-friendly website. Mobile app development is driven by innovations in technology, thus businesses need to have a vision for forthcoming few years.

Mobile app development is emerging sector. With more than 250 billion free apps downloaded in 2017, a rise for these downloads is also predictable to last for many upcoming years to come. If you are in the mobile app development business, below are certain development trends that you should keep in mind in 2018, as growth is predicted to continue. To keep the discussion further has a look at the top mobile application development trends so that you can effortlessly exploit on the latest innovations.

Wearable Devices 

2017 saw the introduction of numerous smart wearable devices. These devices mark the start of an innovative era in technology. Mobile technology has gradually moved towards wearable technology and this opens up fresh opportunities for businesses. Especially the healthcare sector can totally benefit from wearable watches and sensors that offer them with simple and effortless information on the go.

Mobile Commerce m-commerce

Most of the stores are speedily opting for online options and those that are online are fast moving towards mobile applications. The simple motive is to drag the attention of users. Increasing reputation of Google Wallet will simplify purchases using the mobile phones instead of credit and debit cards. According to the latest survey, most of the customers spend 70% of their normal time on electronic devices and smartphones. It absolutely makes sense that mobile application use is in demand.

Customer Friendly App Designs

The layout and design of apps play an important role for a better user experience. The design of the app is a key factor that will drive the prospect of mobile application development. This means that the app should be reliable, robust, flexible and responsive so that user can efficiently handle all the notifications.

GPS-based Apps 

GPS- based apps are one of the most trendy and demanding apps in the market. The demand for location-based tracking feature of smartphones has amplified thus making such apps standard among users. GS-based apps have become tremendously beneficial to those who are creating restaurant apps nowadays.

Application Performance

The performance of the application is one of the most imperative factors that will change the future prospect of mobile apps. With innovative technology smart devices are offering high speed in order to provide users with a better user experience.

Internet of Things (IoT) 

The Internet of Things is changing the digital era trends of mobile apps so that users can handle all the things in a smart manner. IOT allow users to use different appliances from their smartphones and other digital devices. Therefore, the development of apps is now continuously connecting with IoT.Mobile apps with IoT features have been implemented to a widespread series of industries.

Security Is the Major Concern

 Security of an app plays a significant role. From last few years, cyber threats have increased several times with the use of the Internet in everything. Security measures like two-step authentication are used mostly for mobile banking apps. This is the man concern of users to have an influential security measure in the apps. iOS apps offer great security but sometimes Android apps suffer on this aspect. However, Google is trying to make the process secure for users by incorporating latest security updates in the apps.

Instant Apps are the Future

Instant apps provide users a more personal experience than other apps. These apps run instantly and do not require downloading or installing. This feature enables users to use this type of apps seamlessly. Hopefully in 2018 more such apps will be launched on the users’ demand. However, these Instant Apps are only Android friendly.


The mobile app development sector is an emerging at a fast pace with latest technology challenges every other day. To stay ahead in this competitive world business sectors must come up with some exclusive and pioneering vision if they actually want to a successful mark in the mobile app development market.

The above mentioned are some of the mobile application development trends for the year 2018 which the online users and developers are looking forward to. These trends are significant ones and according to prediction will take shape in the years to come. However, companies are trying to adapt these challenges according to the demands of the consumer. Thus, future trends in the field of mobile apps are reliant on how well the app developers implement advanced ideas to provide businesses with exceptionally pleasant and handy mobile apps.

To align with the latest mobile application development strategies every business sector needs to hire a Mobile Application Development Company who offers them with reliable yet effectual services in a competitive manner.


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