Under Construction Page Review


    As a website owner, everyone has faced some issues while operating a new website. Sometimes they need to work on it, but they cannot let their visitors reach a page with a broken link. So they create an under construction page. The same thing is with launching a new website; you need a coming soon page. Today we are sharing view of Under Construction Page, which helps you maintain your brand name.

    What is an Under Construction Page?

    Its simple go-to solution for all your worries regarding website maintenance and launching a new blog. They provide templates for those websites which want to take their website away for sometime but doesn’t want their visit to get disappointed. It’s obvious that no one like that when they reached to an error page that indicates site cannot be reached.

    They offer simple drag and drop option to create pages which help you redirect your visitor to another page and let them know that site is under construction or will be coming soon. Its important as every single day your loyal readers will visit your website, and when they will find that website is no longer available – they won’t be coming back soon.

    Under Construction Page features

    • Drag and drop

    The last thing you want when your website is under construction is to code a page. Why waste time and paying someone to build a page when you can simply create it by yourself with a simple drag and drop console. The plugin offers all the features you want.

    • Templates

    One thing is prominent and great to have – already-made template. You don’t need to build one when you have tons of option. You just need to edit the text, add your own images, and upload it to your website. UCP features hundreds of pre-build under construction and coming soon page template you can use.

    • SEO friendly

    It will be bliss if you maintain your position in a google search while you are away. With the Under Construction Page plugin, you can simply write SEO friendly content on your page which can help you get more visitor and keep them updated.

    • Social linking

    Why lose even a single visitor when you can redirect him to your social media channels. With UCP, you can attach as many social media links you like and divert the traffic to your Facebook, Twitter,or any other. So in a way you keep them updated and gain more followers.

    • Images

    You can add images from a wide range of images they provide. With more than 400,000 free images, you can make it more personal. And you can be sure the images will look great, since most of them are taken by professionals or serious photography-lovers.

    • Access options

    When you are the admin of the website, it won’t be helpful if you also get to see an under construction page. So, you can easily white list users who gets to see the website. With this option, you can still work while you do main tenanceon your website.

    • Automatic start and stopwatch

    When you put your website under construction or in coming soon mode, you need to tell your visitors when you will come back. Why show them a date when you can put a countdown clock. You can even set the date, so when the clock runs to zero, your website will be automatically visible to the world.

    • Simple on and Off mode

    With just one click, you can change your website status. There’s no need to go through the pages and codes when you can simply change it from the admin panel.

    How to use Under Construction Page plugin in WordPress?

    It’s simple; you just need to download the plugin and you will have all the options you need right in front of you. There will be On and Off switch for the under construction mode. You can choose any template you want and then just drag and drop features you like on it. You can set aback ground image, use a video or animate the background.

    Then put your social media links or ask visitors to join your newsletter to keep them updated. After finishing the design of the page, you can simply switch to the under construction mode,and that’s it. They also have responsive templates, so it will work on PC, tablets and even on the phones.

    Final word

    UCP is easy to use and saves you time.With the free version, you can start right away, but we suggest that you check out and test the Under Construction Page to see all the extra features you can get.

    We hope this review helped you to set up your first page. If you have any question, do let us know in the comment.


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